All Sexed Up

Sex: Get Her Wet

Let The Pleasure Begin

Start your seduction by working your way down over
her shoulders, breasts and belly and down into her crotch.
Investigate with a finger or two and test the waters.

Is she already aroused and wet?
If so you should give her the joy of oral sex.

For a lot of women direct clitoral stimulation
is a lot more effective than raw penetration
when it comes to achieving a climax.

Roll your tongue around her labia and kissing and rubbing
her inner thighs. Use your hands to spread her lips a bit
so your tongue will have a clear path to her clitoris.

Start very slow. Little nudges up and down or sideways with
increasing pressure the longer you are at it.

Using your lips to create suction or adding teeth can be
very helpful if she is not too sensitive for that. Don’t
become too repetitive. That can be plain boring.

She Gets

Sexually satisfied women have
levels of sexual desire closely
matched to those of their partners.

Women who self-stimulate are more likely to feel
sexually satisfied. Women who frequently masturbate
are more aware of their sexual wants and needs.

If you’re like a lot of women, you have a long-term
relationship with a vibrator. With concentration,
can get the deed done during a commercial break
without even muting the TV. Tell that to your mother.

Masturbation is a pressure release, a natural
sleeping pill and a plain old-fashioned good time.

Will it make you go blind? No. Will it make you insane?
Nope, not that either. Will it spoil you for receiving
pleasure from a partner? Not likely. But masturbation
is a personal and private behavior, and value laden,
individual choice of when and how much.


From a young age, boys are more accepted as self-pleasure
seekers. Their sexual anatomy is out there and hard to ignore.

After all, “boys will be boys”, shrug – they’re going to diddle
with their doodle. Girls and pleasure and masturbation is
certainly less taboo than it was decades ago, but also still
not as accepted as boys masturbation.

Female sexual liberation combined with more media conversation
about female sexual health and anatomy, pleasure and desires
has led to an openness and acceptance that women, like men,
are going to love themselves in every way.

Are the reasons and benefits different for men and women
to self satisfy? Not really. For both men and women, taking
care of business on one’s own has some superb advantages.

Her Clitoris
[The Pleasure Zone]

The primary sex organ in a woman is the clitoris,
not the vagina, which is the birth canal.
The word phallus refers to both the external
portion of the clitoris and the penis.

During the arousal stage, when stimulated,
a woman’s erectile tissue fills with blood
just like the tissue of the penis.

We get erections, too, but wetness is how our arousal
is measured and described in research and in porn.

The glans of the clitoris with eight
thousand nerve endings, is the most
intensely innervated and sensitive
part of a woman’s body.

Unlike the penis, used for expelling urine as well as DNA,
the clitoris is used only for one thing: sexual pleasure.

How’s that for intelligent design? As for gender equality,
our erectile tissue is nearly the same size as a man’s.

That little nub of the clitoris called
the glans, visible under its protective
hood, is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a large area of sensitive tissue right
behind the glans called the clitoral body, or root.

To fully appreciate your sexual potential, you need to familiarize yourself with your clitoris. You need to become clitorate. I’d love us all to educate one another about the relatively new discovery of the 3-D anatomy of the clitoris. Spread clitoracy!


1. The Squeeze — I can’t believe that more people don’t know about this clitoral rubbing technique. It’s so powerful, despite the fact that it’s an indirect stimulation technique.

There are multiple ways to perform it, so I advise that you play around with it to discover the exact things that feel best for you.

The main technique that you are going to be doing is grabbing, squeezing and moving the folds of skin that cover and are directly around your clitoris so that your clitoris is sandwiched between these folds of skin. This means that you won’t ever be directly touching your clitoris. You’ll be doing this with your thumb and forefingers.

When you squeeze these folds of skin between your fingers, you’ll be able to feel the pressure it puts on your clitoris. It feels really good! While keeping the folds of skin firmly between your fingers, start to move your hand from side-to-side or even up and down. Doing this will feel much, much better!

Remember that different people have different preferences, so make sure to play around with this technique and experiment with squeezing different areas until you find what you prefer.

2. Feather Light — This next clitoral stimulation tip is really easy and kind of the opposite to the previous one. When using ‘The Squeeze’ you are going to be using quite a lot of pressure. Feather Light is completely the opposite to this.

When using Feather Light, you are going to be using an absolute minimum of pressure on your clitoris, almost to the point where it will feel more like soft vibrations.

To get set up, lie down on your back and rub and small amount of lube or saliva on your clitoris and around it. Next, you are going to bring your finger to the side of your clitoris so that it’s just touching it.

It should feel like a feather is touching the side of it. You shouldn’t have your finger covering your entire clitoris. Instead it should be just touching the side of it.

All you need to do is simply move your finger up and down, while keeping in contact with the side of your clitoris. You will only be moving your finger a few millimetres up and down.

So you will hardly be moving it at all. In fact it will feel more like gentle vibrations more than anything else. While doing this, you will notice the tension building and you may start desiring more pressure.

Don’t give in!

Keep using only a feather light touch the entire time. This will help to make the whole experience feel like a really long, extended orgasm.

3. When In Doubt, Vibrate – The first 2 clitoral stimulation techniques should be more than enough to give you endless pleasure.

But if you are still not fully satisfied, then I highly recommend that you try using a vibrator on your clitoris. It will provide a lot more ‘power’ if that’s what you feel you’re missing.

A Woman’s
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Young Redhead
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Young Redhead Wants Sex

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