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Every Boy’s Wet Dream

Promising So Much

What’s going on with American teachers at the moment?
Why are all these good-looking female teachers having
sex with their students?

It used to be just male teachers taking up with their
female pupils. And why didn’t I have a female teacher
who seduced me when I was a teenager?

A teacher has been accused of having sex with one
of her students and sexually assaulting another
boy she had invited into her bedroom.

Another teacher got pregnant by a 13-year-old student
who she had sex with almost every day after giving
the boy her number on Instagram.

The relationship developed to the point they
were having sex on an almost daily basis.

The pair apparently made no effort to hide the affair
and had the full support of the pupil’s family who are
said to be “excited about the baby”.

On The Other Hand

Sex with Teenage Girls

Why is there so much moral panic about men having
physical relationships with teenage girls?

These men are animals. Right? Perverts with
no moral sense at all. Right? Pedophiles.

Right? The girls, innocent victims with no way
of knowing that they were being taken advantage
of. Right? Don’t believe the moral hysteria.

Show Me a Man Who
Could Resist This

lolita-hugs her teddy

Who’s a Paedophile?

Have you met teenage girls? Have you been one? I have and I know that I was fantasizing about sex from about the age of thirteen. It was all my friends and I could talk about and we weren’t fantasizing about our pimply, gangly school-boy mates.

At 14 I was dreaming of getting horizontal with the Backstreet Boys. These guys were idols and sex objects to a generation of teenage girls.

At the age of 15 I successfully seduced my first rock-star and adopted the secret life of a groupie for the rest of my teenage years, chasing just about anyone else who was top of the pops. I was predatory, ‘collecting lovers like butterflies’.

Lori Maddox, a famous teenage groupie from LA, is alleged to have lost her virginity to David Bowie at the age of 13. She was Jimmy Page’s steady girlfriend while still underage.

Then there’s the Rolling Stone who gathered no moss because moss takes too long to grow, who hooked up with Mandy Smith when she was 14! Elvis started playing with Priscilla while she was still a young schoolgirl.

Some girls develop a sexual identity before others and it doesn’t always fit nicely with the current legislation that controls that area of her life. The age of consent varies around the globe.

In Japan it’s 13 for a girl. In Australia it’s 16. For male homosexuals the age is usually much higher. Does that mean that human sexuality develops differently for girls according to their geographical location or that gay people mature more slowly?

The local newspaper back then, was happy to publish 16 and 17-year-old bikini models on page three. The media promoted the teenage girl as the ideal and it still does.

There’s a world of difference between a paedophile who grooms and targets young children for sexual abuse and a young man who is seduced by a young girl with casual sex on her mind. Celebrities get targeted by wanton teenage girls. I know, because I’ve been the hunter.

My teenage experiences were not rape. I am in a position to be able to differentiate between the two. They are poles apart. But even consensual under-age sex is considered an offence, even if it is between two experimental teenagers.

I knew what I was doing at 15 and by 17 I had learned some hard lessons, crossed some lines and learned to pitch my own boundaries. I believed I had the right to say ‘yes’ as well as ‘no’.

Sexual Provocation:
Teen Girls Tease Men

Around the age of 13 my friends and I discovered
we had a curious power over older men.

In retrospect, our experimentation with mini-skirts,
high heels and blouses with missing buttons was
a little risky, but having been invisible children
for as long as we could remember, we were excited
at suddenly being the objects of attention.

We enjoyed having the power to inspire nervous
looks in male teachers and instigate different
levels of mayhem depending on what we were wearing,
but it was a way of exerting independence and not
anything to do with sex itself.

It may be hard for men to understand, but we wanted
to be liked by older men without being mauled by them.

do you want me

Flirting with
Older Men

Teen Tatler has advised children as young
as 13 to flirt with their friends’ parents in order
to secure invitations to “swanky holidays”
and generally get ahead in life.

The article tells teenagers: “At some point take half
an hour to flirt (gently) with the parent of the
opposite sex and then write a witty thank-you
letter – bingo, you’re a winner.

Think of it as essential homework for life.
Hone your social-seduction techniques now
and those same tools will serve you handsomely for ever.

Young girls do sometimes look like jailbait.
I can see how adults might see this teasing
behaviour as provocative, but it’s a mistake
to assume that a short skirt is meant as an invitation.

Talking to teenage boys was like talking to a wall.
They were too stoned to make conversation and all
they wanted to do was grope you.

Being attracted to older men was merely a way
of testing the ground with people who used
words of more than two syllables.

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When pressed, an EPA employee recently admitted he’d been cruising NSFW sites for two to six hours every workday since 2010. Similar revelations have emerged recently at the Department of the Treasury, the National Science Foundation, and the Federal Communications Commission, where an employee said he watched porn for up to eight hours a week because he was bored. In 2010, 33 Securities and Exchange Commission employees were found to have viewed pornography repeatedly instead of doing their work.
Watching Porn at the Office: ‘Extremely Common’ (Businessweek)

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