Selling Sex

Shoot That Girl

At the peak of her porn career, she was told
a Vogue photographer was in town and wanted
to shoot with her. The executive further
told her that she could go mainstream and be
“validated” if she worked with him.

An unsuspecting Khalifa agreed for the photoshoot
without enquiring about the details.

“The photographer’s name, I believe, was Christian.
I arrived at Bang Bros office HQ not knowing what
to expect from a ‘real photographer,’ thinking we
would be going to a beautiful set or location.”

Shoot That Girl
from ERIC MINH SWENSON on Vimeo.

However, the red alert signals in her brain started
to go off after she reached the set. “From the moment
I was told there was no hair and makeup I knew something
was off, but I was conflicted.

I had never been on a ‘real’ set, and I didn’t want
to inadvertently insult the photographer or his process,
because WHAT IF IT WAS GOING IN VOGUE!” she said.

She was taken to the roof, where she was alone with
the photographer. Next, she was allegedly handed
two semi-automatic rifles and a hijab.

The former porn star was instructed to pose
a certain way “while he (the photographer)
made physical corrections on my body.”

Breast Shoot from Sébastien Claudet on Vimeo.

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