Pain & Pleasure

Slapping Syndrome: Pleasure & Punishment

Slap Cheeks [Face & Buttocks].
Pleasurable Punishment.

A slap across the face or butt can
induce orgasms in both of you.

Ever felt like slapping your partner or being
slapped during sex? It just seems so right in
the heat of the moment. The physical expression
of the sexual high you’re experiencing.

slap that butt

A slap across the face or butt can
induce orgasms in both of you.

Sadly, when it comes to sexual
spanking, slapping, whipping,
we start to feel uncomfortable.

There are questions of whether or not
slapping is abuse, harmful or a sign
you’re beyond the pale.

Any erotic pain-play can stir up emotions in us.
Sex comes with all kinds of emotions, both
positive and negative.

If you’re both into it, slapping is right
for the moment. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

Explore spanking first. Most of us
are into a bit of butt-spanking.

If you haven’t got to that stage with your
fuckmate don’t go slapping his/her face.

You might not be into butt slapping, but are
turned on by face slapping. Different strokes.

It’s not so much about doing things that aren’t sexy
to get to the sexy part, it’s about working on a
meatier canvas before going to a bonier, softer one.

A buttock is going to absorb a slap more
easily than a face. There’s generally less
pain and greater surface area to work with.
Get some butt-practice first, then move to the face.

Don’t begin your punishment routine with full-
force smacking the hell out of your partner.

If you slap someone across the face, you
can cause whiplash or pretty bad welt.

Instead, place one hand on the opposite cheek
of the person you’re slapping. This helps to both
stabilize their head and to absorb some of the blow.

The Pleasure of Pain


Hurt Me a Little Bit

“Nurse Nasty,” “Wicked Doctor,” “The Prison Matron” … not the usual way to introduce yourself, but in the leather-clad world of sadomasochism, naughty is nice. And pain is pleasure. Many need stimulation and get a terrific high from playing rough. Like being on the receiving end of spanking.

While most couples don’t need whips, paddles or ropes to get in the mood, a minority find sadomasochism, or S&M, erotic. They like to explore the fine line between pain and pleasure to escape from reality, test their endurance, experience a spiritual high or simply to act out fantasies and fears.

The pain can be real, but the goal isn’t injury or broken bones. And despite the early belief that smacks in the sack led to mental illness, psychologists say that S&M practitioners are just as well-adjusted as the average person.

Slap Me for Pleasure

Sex or lovemaking is about feeling good, so what feels good about pain?

People clearly want fictionalized pain for attention and symbolic effect. S&M helps people temporarily lose their normal identity and focus on the flashes of pain, he said.

S&M pain is separated from its biological function. It’s no longer about warning you of injury, it’s about escaping yourself.

There are two sides of S&M. On one side, you have the physical aspect with unusual and intense simulations which includes bondage, sensory deprivation and highly selected pain. On the other, it’s about bringing fantasies into reality by playing power games for fun.

The essential component of S&M is not the pain or bondage itself, but rather the role-playing involved.

Renaissance Movement

Prostitution ranks as one of the oldest professions, but being naughty in bed is not far behind as one of the oldest activities. Culturally, S&M popped up during the Renaissance.

World War II brought to the surface a gay scene that many credit for pushing the limits of sexual play. In the late 1960s, flower children demanded sexual freedom and sexual mores loosened. And by the 1980s, the American Psychiatric Association removed S&M from its mental disorder category.

Warning Signal

Pain, for most people, acts as a warning signal, like when you jerk your hand away from a hot surface. S&M thrill seekers desire pain because it acts like a narcotic, releasing an adrenaline rush. For some that pain can even lead to an orgasm.

How Safe Is It?

Payne traveled the country for three years to research her book, going to designated clubs, S&M fetish association meetings and countless “dungeons” — a place designated for S&M play.

Most places forbid full sexual contact and every club has dungeon masters — lifeguards of sorts in case of a mishap.

People go to clubs or dungeons to meet like-minded people but also because of the equipment. Blindfolds fit just fine in a night table but not wooden Catherine wheels, a vertical Wheel of Fortune-type contraption with radial spokes onto which you attach your partner.

Toys of all sizes are aplenty, including suede flogs, leopardskin handcuffs, paddles and whips (which take some mastering, according to experts).

Some women like to play sex games with submissive men, but they stresses the importance of getting to know each other. It’s not any different from any other relationship, you share your likes and dislikes and you find out each person’s expectations.

A dominatrix believes limits can be tested, but that it’s her job not to take the game too far in her personal relationships.m Not all fantasies should be carried out.

Most couples choose a “safe word,” that signals to the “top” to stop a scene immediately. A word like “no” or “stop” may actually intensify a scene because it’s part of the submissive fantasy, so instead a color code is often established.

The S&M community swears by its motto, SSC, which means safe, sane and consensual.

The Naughty Ones

Critics of bondage, submission and the S&M culture believe participants are abusive, desensitized and sick. Not so. There’s no sign people who enjoy masochism are mentally ill at an elevated rate,” he said.

Only 1 percent of the population engages regularly in S&M but that most everyone fantasizes about it. Overall, he said, more men follow through with their fantasies than women.

People who follow through with pain play are repeating early sexual imprints. Either they were humiliated or they felt arousal or shame during a punishment and they want to relive the victim/perpetrator roles.

Others disagree. They don’t think it’s a pathological response because lots of people who like S&M didn’t grow up with abuse or corporal punishment. You can’t even guess correctly who’s a masochist or a sadist when people get together in street clothes because personalities rarely match the stereotypes.

S&M in a controlled environment or in the privacy of your own bedroom is minor compared to the rampant self-abuse in our society.

People put themselves at risk all the time doing drugs, flying airplanes, binging on alcohol and food, there’s nothing wrong with having fun with sex.

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