Smoking Hot [Fetish]

The World of Smoking Fetishes

I recently watched a documentary about cam girls
[a webcam model is a video performer who streams live].

One girl said that some of her regular
clients go to her for the smoking.

They liked to watch as she put a cigarette
between her lips, inhaled, exhaled slowly
so they could watch the tendrils of smoke
slowly escape her mouth.

They liked to see her play with the cigarette,
rolling it back and forth in her fingers
before she took a drag.

I see why they like this. I can empathise.
Guys who smoke are hot to me in a way I find
difficult to explain.

Maybe smokers project a kind of ‘devil may care’
attitude – a casual ‘fuck you’ to people who
tell them what to do.

These days smoking is a kind of
rebellion. That’s quite a turn-on.

Once a guy I was infatuated with told me
I tasted nice when I smoked and I kissed him.

during one of my many attempts to quit smoking,
we had a long, deep, horny snog – the kind you
have when you’re fifteen and you’ve only
just discovered snogging. He told me:

“That was hot. You tasted good.
You tasted like a kiss should taste.”

A different guy, a long time later, held
a light out for me and looked deep
into my eyes as I inhaled.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he told me.

I returned the favour.I watched him slowly lift
his fingers to his lips as he took a drag himself.

Smoking is sexy. Smoking gets you laid.

Fetish Smoking Weed

The connections between cannabis
and sex is pretty well-established.

Smoking-up a bit before getting freaky
can have a number of potential affects
on your sexual experiences.

Unsurprisingly, weed-themed
porn is popular these days.

Both carry their own stigma,
misinformation from the outside,
and taboo, although both are
multi-billion-dollar industries.

There’s also the whole market of smoking fetish
associated with cigarette smoking—which can
be served by weed porn too.

There are very specific things that the people
who have a smoking fetish are into.

Whether you keep your fingers on the cigarette,
or you let it go when you take a drag.

The way your mouth moves. The way you exhale.
If you blow streams when you let it go.

People [mostly men] who masturbate to
smoking-fetish porn appreciate that kind
of detail. They are connoisseurs.

But you don’t have to be a fetishist
to appreciate smoking. You’re watching
a phallic-looking thing go into a mouth,
and watching it getting sucked on
and watching white stuff come out.

Porn about women smoking weed is about the fun,
carefree attitude associated with marijuana culture.

The vibe of the shoots is classy, playful, and sexy.
The smoke is a vehicle for storytelling.
The story lines are classic and simultaneously
contemporary, weaving in new aspects of marijuana
indulgence brought about by legalization.

Many performers also do live, self-produced cam shows.
In these, the performer is free to do what they please,
and if you’re looking for the real marijuana-smoking
deal this should be the place to look.

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