Spread Your Legs

Spread Your Legs

I’m a woman who enjoys watching porn,
in particular when women spread their legs.
Nothing more intoxicating!

When I masturbate my legs spread a little
and I like the ache my thighs feel.

I’ve noticed my boyfriend likes to bring my
legs together. We haven’t talked much about it
but I mentioned it once and he said it feels
better when they’re together.

He thought it must feel bad for guys in porn
since visually its better if her legs are spread.

I understand that it must be tighter for him,
but it feels sexier/dirtier for me to be spread.

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She Spread Her Legs

She pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs.
Then she spread her legs. “How about that?”

Revealed bare before him was her pussy,
crowned with a triangle of golden pubic hair.

She slid the index and middle fingers of her left
hand down either side of her vulva and prised
the lips slightly apart. “You can lick me there”

The actress has spread her legs in a kinky new photo.
Bella Thorne’s Instagram post caused a meltdown among fans.

It appeared as if the the 19 year-old
had forgotten her knickers as she crouched
legs spread wide in a race outfit.

The flame-haired former Disney babe smouldered at
the camera while clad in thigh-high PVC boots.


Get her to lie back on the bed. Kneel in front
of her. Ask her to spread her legs. Bring your
head down to her cunt. Proceed to tickle her
fancy with fingers and tongue.

Was It Rape?

She alleges he gave her alcohol, questioned her
for two hours and tried to spread her legs apart.

He claimed the victim spread her legs and clearly
gave him the indication that she wanted him to fuck her.

He then took her back inside the house, put her
on a bed, spread her legs apart and raped her.

After he was done, he took some cream from
a drawer and applied it to the girl’s vagina.

Open Your Legs

Who Got
Her Engorged?

of Sexual Arousal
in Women

Sexual arousal in females is dependent to a certain extent on the nerve endings that are present on the vulva. Arousal leads to several physical changes in the vulva.


During this phase there is increased watery secretion that is produced to cause better lubrication. This increase in secretion is caused due to constriction of the vaginal walls and congestion and engorgement of the vaginal walls. Due to increase in pooling of blood, watery secretion seeps in and these collect in the vagina and flow out into the vulva.

During this phase the labia majora spreads apart and flattens to expose the clitoris. The clitoris in turn increases in size. These changes may not be immediately noticeable unlike the excitation phase in males.


During this phase the congestion of blood vessels cause swelling of the vaginal walls. This leads to decreasing the opening of the vagina to around one third of its original size. As the clitoris becomes enlarged, it starts to become erect and becomes concealed by the hood.

The labia minora increase considerably in thickness, approximately 2–3 times. This leads to spreading out of the labia minora and opening up of the vaginal opening.

In White Caucasian women who have never had children the color of the labia minora changes from pink to red due to blood vessel engorgement. Among those women who have had a child before the color changes from red to dark red.


This is the peak in sexual arousal and this stage is marked by maximum clitoris engorgement. This engorgement leads to retraction of glans into the clitoral hood. This is thought to protect the sensitive glans during orgasm.

An orgasm is characterized by rhythmic muscle contractions of the lower part of the vagina, the uterus and the anus as well. The contractions come around once every 0.8 seconds and gradually spread out and become less intense. A typical orgasm contains 15 or more contractions depending on the intensity.

This may be accompanied by female ejaculation, causing liquid to squirt out. This is usually a clear, odourless secretion from the Skene’s gland or bladder that comes out of the urethra. This is not urine and does not cause staining. Immediately after orgasm the clitoris may be so sensitive that any stimulation is uncomfortable.


This follows an orgasm wherein the pooled blood begins to dissipate at a slower rate. The vagina returns to its normal relaxed state. The vulva returns to its normal position, size, and color.

Structure of the

The word vulva is taken from Latin and is derived from its earlier form volva or wrapper and also from Latin ”volvere” “to roll” (lit. “wrapper”).

The Sanskrit term “ulvam” stands for womba and could be the origin of the term. An alternate term, also from Latin, is ”genitalia feminina externa” or female external genital organs.
Development of the vulva

The vulva or the external female genitalia chiefly develops when the baby is still within her mother’s womb. Thereafter further development of the vulva occurs during puberty when the secondary sexual characters develop in response to rise in female hormones estrogen.

of the vulva

The vulva acts as the gate for the uterus or womb and provides protection by opening and closing of the lips of the vulva – labia majora and minora.

The vagina cleans itself with a healthy microbial flora that flow from the inside out and the vulva helps by flushing out the vulvovaginal fluids and usually maintains normal vaginal health without the need for any internal cleansing or douching in normal women.

Apart from protective functions, the vulva also functions as a sexual organ. These external organs are richly innervated and provide pleasure when properly stimulated. The vulva in fact, along with the clitoris, is the seat for female sexual pleasure dispelling the myth that the vagina or internal genital organs having anything to do with sexual pleasure in women.

The term vagina is often wrongly used to refer to the female genitals generally. The vagina is a specific internal structure, whereas the vulva is the whole external genitalia.

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