Take Time to Open Her Up

It seems men can be ready to have sex, both
mentally and physically, at the drop of a hint.

This isn’t the case with most women. They usually require
warming up before they are ready for sex, both mentally
and physically. If you want to better satisfy a woman in the
bedroom, then you might need to tune up your foreplay skills.

Don’t immediately lunge for the hot spots.
Going straight for a woman’s breasts, neck,
or other highly erogenous zones is not
a good way to kick off foreplay.

Gently rubbing her arms, stomach, legs, back, and hair
is a much better way to get her warmed up to the idea
of having sex. Going straight for a woman’s breasts
just screams desperation and selfishness.

Take your time before undressing her. Anticipation is
one of your best friends when it comes to foreplay.

Some Suggestions

1. The clitoris is right there. Yes, right there.
Not over here, not down there, not off to the side.
It doesn’t move. Try to stay focused and play with it!

2. Don”t forget the lubricant. We may feel “so wet”
to you from our own fluids, but we need to be pretty
drenched with water-based lube for easy penetration.

3. Talk dirty to me. Some women become very aroused
by their imaginations, so a little dirty talk about
what you’re going to do to us stimulates our biggest
sex organ: our brain!

4. Get it wet. If you’re going down on us,
make sure to keep your tongue wet with spit.
A dry tongue chafes down there!

5. Watch your hands. Unless we’ve expressly indicated
that we like our headlights to be tweaked, do not
pinch our nipples in the heat of the moment.
They’re very, very sensitive!

6. Sometimes a light touch is better than a strong one.
And a sweet kiss with just your lips is better than
a Labrador retriever-style kiss with your tongue.

Wide Open

Sadistic Seduction. Pubic Hair Fashion.
Take the Opening. I Can’t Wait to Get in.
Desire Fantasy Pain.

Sadistic Seduction

Pubic Hair Fashion

Take the Opening

Can’t Wait to Get In

Boy Harsher Mix
Pleasure & ‘Pain’

Careful evokes the underworld
of the transgressive and taboo.

It moves, seamlessly, from the sweaty
warehouse party to late-night cruising,
from the punk cavern to a sleazy motel room.

It’s music from and for an outsider underground,
a record for decadent hedonists, heathens and whores.

Desire Fantasy Pain

Both men and women interested in dominance
and submission. While men generally want
to dominate while women are more interested
in being dominated, this isn’t always the case.

Some women are dominant and some men submissive.
Fantasies of domination are about power, feeling
you’re fully in control of an experience and
the other person will submit to your every whim.

There are two sex highs about submission.
Feeling the sub has all of the attention
of their dom, their full focus.

The second is the feeling of letting go, losing control
and being taken or used for the pleasure of a partner.

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