Teenage Lust

Teaching Teenagers Sexual Pleasure

Teen sex education over-stresses ‘be careful’ sex. Things like contraception, sexually transmitted infections and sexual consent.

To be relevant to today’s generation of kids, sex ed needs to cover a lot more ground than that. In addition to having the ‘no means no’ talk, we need to have the ‘yes means yes’ talk.

It’s not enough to know that someone isn’t saying no. Can you really speak up for yourself if you’ve had so much to drink you’re completely passive or passed out, for instance? People need to be sure that their partners are actually saying yes.

Teenagers need to know what pleasure looks and sounds like. Let’s tell them about pleasurable moaning, asking for more. that way they can be sure a partner is providing enthusiastic consent to sex.

What a Taunt!

Porn should also be part of our updated sex ed conversation. Teenagers need help making sense of the porn and porn-like images that permeate our culture, particularly online. A good starting point is to ask teens what seems real about porn and what doesn’t.

Porn is like Hollywood. Not only do the studios hire actors with body types that conform to a particular ideal, the majority of films serve up stereotypical views about how men and women should interact sexually.

They also need help understanding that female pleasure matters too. It isn’t an easy concept to sell in a culture that’s encouraged teen girls to see fellatio as way to avoid pregnancy and win popularity.

the Cream in
My Coffee

Being exposed to these types of images can trigger feelings of insecurity for teenagers who are still learning about their own sexuality.

Teenagers need to know that porn shows sex that’s manufactured for the camera, not sex in real life. Teenagers should be aware of the differences between what they see in ads and what they see in real life.

Then you can say, ‘You know how the hamburgers on TV always look really good? Well, porn always makes sex look easy and flawless. Real life isn’t like that.’

We should start teaching teenagers about the pleasure they can get from sex. They have a “right” to enjoy sex and that regular intercourse can be good for their cardiovascular health.

Health promotion experts advocate five portions of fruit and veg a day and 30 minutes’ physical activity three times a week. What about sex or masturbation twice a week?

It Just!

Talking about sex with young people and not talking about pleasure is the strangest thing that has happened historically in sex education in schools. It’s sort of like the elephant in the room.

We don’t like to think of young people as being sexually active and them being sexually active and having pleasure is the limit for a lot of people.

Society has never been comfortable with young people enjoying sex. Kids can be sexual from a very young age and we need to stop being frightened of this.

Sexuality and adolescence and sex education is the last taboo in the way. We need to lighten up and accept that being sexual is an incredibly important part of being human and that young people don’t just become sexual at 18.

A Glimpse of
Something Exciting

A Statue for Congress

A Girls Favourite Toy

dildo girl

What is a dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy that is usually penis-shaped
and designed for vaginal or anal penetration.

However, some do not look exactly like a penis.

Dildos come in a rainbow of colors and a
variety of shapes, textures, and styles.

Some people prefer to use a dildo that completely
resembles the color, shape, and texture of a real penis.

But others prefer something different such as a dildo
that is hot pink or one that lights up.

Dildos can be made from a variety of materials including:
plastic, rubber, latex, silicone, and “jelly”.

Dildos can be used by people of all genders and sexual
orientations. They can be used for masturbation or for
other sexual activity.

Dildos can be used alone or with a partner.

A dildo should not be confused with a vibrator.

Vibrators buzz and create a different
sensation because of that.

Vibrators are also battery operated or electrical.

Dildos are not operated by electricity; therefore
the sensations created by using a dildo will be
from manual insertion and movement of the device.

I Love My Dildo powered by YouPorn

Everyday Dildos for Girls

household dildos


When I was 14, I woke up from a nude mid-afternoon nap with my dog licking my vagina. I may or may not have let her go at it for a few seconds before swatting her away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hardcore enough to try this again.

My friend Hannah, however, loves letting her cat lick her vagina. She swears that receiving cunnilingus from an animal is way better than from any human tongue.

I think her exact words were, “It’s like fucking ecstasy.” Despite what you may have heard, a cat’s tongue actually feels way better than a dog’s because of its rough, sandpaper texture.


I am a firm believer that the shower head is God’s gift to women. In fact, my love for the it is so strong that I now associate taking a shower more with coming than I do with cleaning myself.

It’s perfect. It’s self-lubricating, it never sneakily tries to put itself in your ass, and it leaves you feeling clean, as opposed to sticky and smelling like discharge.

Masturbating with a shower head is so good that I even sexy dreams about it. Instead of being pummeled by Chris Brown, I have an intimate moment in a Roman bath with a beautifully crafted, antique shower head. It’s so romantic.


Anyone who says she’s never stuck food up her vagina is just a fucking liar. Back in high school, girls used carrots.

Now that I’m a bit older and my flesh cave has stretched out to the point that it’s verging on baggy, I have moved on from slim-fit to super-plus tampons and use cucumbers rather than carrots. (If you make it to eggplant, you’ve gone too far.)

Fucking yourself with a cucumber feels OK but not amazing. You definitely have to cover it in some form of lube first, otherwise it’s painful.

But there’s no clitoral stimulation, which is shitty. This is why I don’t understand dildos. If it doesn’t vibrate and your clit isn’t getting any action, it’s pointless to me.


I read about this technique on the internet. You basically just hold a blanket between your legs and pull it back and forth as you rock your pelvis slowly up and down against it.

You can do it naked or with underwear, but I found it’s better with underwear because it allows you to rub harder and faster. It’s also a pretty good workout for your arms.


This one will offend many parents who don’t want to imagine their prepubescent daughters as curious sexual creatures. As a child my wife regularly masturbated by rubbing her stuffed animals between her legs.

It was only later that she realized why this activity repeatedly got her in timeout. Then there are the cases where young women who want to experiment with a vibrating stimulus find a new use for their old Tickle Me Elmo doll. Like it or not Tickle Me Elmo introduced a whole generation of girls to the pleasures of battery powered vibrations.


Sadly Kinsey wasn’t alive to witness the Sonicare revolution and to modify his fetish with a vibrating toothbrush. It takes little imagination to picture am electric toothbrush as a potential dildo.

All that is needed is the removal of the bristle extension and you have a high powered vibrator which can be left charging inconspicuously on your sink counter.


This hand-held device is new to beauty care, but I have no doubt it will soon become a secret masturbatory aid for covert diddlers.

The waterproof design makes it ideal for use in the shower when you’re already naked and enjoying some relaxing privacy. As the newest weapon in the acne fighting arsenal, teen girls around the world will soon realize the full potential of these drugstore vibrators.


I wish this one wasn’t true, but the practice of men humping vacuum cleaners is well documented based on various reports of construction workers caught humping the shop vac or dicks that become permanently crippled after vacuum humping orgies gone wrong.

Theoretically I understand the draw of a tubular cavity that sucks air. But to use this tool comfortably would require heavy lubrication and a large nozzle.

Also, a complete lack of caution concerning dick injury or humiliation from someone walking in while the vacuum is roaring. That and I’m too much of a germaphobe to fool around with a piece of equipment used to suck up filth.

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