Teenage Lust

Teenage Sex Raging Hormones

Teenage hormones are the chemicals causing
the physical growth and sexual development
carrying you through your teens and into adulthood.

As these substances take hold of your body, you’ll notice
emotions, moods and sexual feelings are much stronger.

All living thing have been genetically programmed
to procreate in order to continue the species.

In the animal kingdom, having sex is the method
by which offspring are created and born, thus
maintaining each species. This genetic programming
includes the highest of the species, ourselves.

You may have heard people refer
to the “raging hormones of teens.”

That’s because the hormones which genetically kick
in during preteen and early teen years are the ones
which create the sex drive for both girls and guys.

This causes very new, different, and strong feelings
and emotions which you have never felt before.

The end result of all this is that the male of any
animal species is programmed to go out and impregnate
a female. That applies to humans too.

At the same time, girls are programmed
to be receptive to a mate in order to
get pregnant and continue the species.

Girls have the strongest sex drive during monthly
ovulation, that time of the month when you’re
more likely to get pregnant if you have sex.

This makes sense in the context of evolution.

This increase in sex drive has been attributed to
increases in hormones [estrogen, progesterone, and
testosterone] and generally kicks in anywhere from
a few days before ovulation until it’s over.

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