Teenage Lust

Teenage Sexual Experience

Sex shouldn’t hurt too much the first
time but it can be a bit painful if
you’re not really ready for it.

Being nervous can cause you to clench your muscles.
If you and your boy haven’t worked up to intercourse
by making out and touching each other first, your
body won’t be roused. That can make things uncomfortable.

Remember. Your vulva and vagina should be moist before
he enters you. Plenty of foreplay. You can be sure he’s
masturbating at home imagining you.
Try some personal play with yourself.

sweet lust

There are chemical benefits at the start
of a sexual affair. Particularly for teenagers.

A surge in testosterone and estrogen increase sexual
desire for another person early in a relationship.

Novelty and excitement both increase the
activity of dopamine and norepinephrine
in the brain, the neurotransmitters
associated with energy, motivation and elation.

At this same time, serotonin drops, allowing for
an increase in mood and sex drive.

This chemical cocktail is yet another benefit
you won’t find in long-term relationships.
Keep on changing!

Larry Clark’s “Teenage Lust”

teen lust

Sweet Seduction

Pubic Hair in Girls


The disappearance of pubic hair on girls tells us something
about contemporary female sexuality.

A new generation of college girls who want to take in the casual
carnality of the hook-up scene need to be be ready for sex,
to be hip, cool and in the know.

They’ve seen the super models who are freshly waxed before
putting on expensive bathing suits and lingerie.

It’s like designer accessories. Every girl wants to have a Louis
Vuitton bag, along with that super-wax job.

If young women have a casual, un-waxed sexual encounter,
they’re afraid it might ruin their reputations.

Actually, they’re striking a pornographic pose, one that first
appeared in the hard-core porn films that have increasingly
shaped the sexual imagination of legions of young men.

The eye of the camera hovers over female body parts.
It’s a visual excess of physical acts with a
minimum of sentiment. It’s not a love story.

Porn displays pubeless ‘babes’ to emphasize the female genital slit
and the erect male shaft, now the standard of erotic desirability.

As pubic hair has disappeared on screen guys want sex with girls
who look like the porn stars they fantasized about. They ask and
women strike the pose.

More Sex More Experience

I’m over twenty but I still feel
insecure about my sexual experience.

I haven’t been with many women and I
often get jealous of partners whose number
is higher than mine (sometimes much higher).

Response: rather celebrating the experience
you’ve already shared with a few individuals,
you’re looking at it mathematically.

You want to elevate your seduction score.
But if more sex makes better sex, we’d all
be trying to screw porn stars.

On the other hand, more sex should enhance
our skills. Practice doesn’t necessarily
make perfect but you’ll improve.

Hold On!

Both of you may be naked on the bed…but hold on!

Before any genital play loosen
up until you’re dying for sex.

Take the time to touch, kiss, and connect
with your partner. Make foreplay last.

He’s probably hard already but she needs
more arousal and a lubricated cunt. Consider
her needs to make sex better for both of you.

I really regret not having more sex when I was younger.
I should’ve drunk more. I should have partied more.

Smoked more weed, even. I think my religious upbringing
stopped me doing a lot of things that I should have done.

It’s not a good look at the age I am now.
The way it works is you do that stuff in
your teens and 20s and then in your 40s
you’ve earned enough to pay for the therapy.

fucking devour her

As porn becomes more pervasive, women are now
also using it as a quick way to have sex without
emotional investment, just as men traditionally have.

Sex is a natural function. What is an abnormal level
of sex to have or to want? If a woman is taking
two minutes to orgasm to porn, and she’s doing it,
say, 10 times a day, that’s still only 20 minutes a day.

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