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She Takes Longer to Climax.
Would You Like to Lie with Me?
A Flock of Vulvas. Fuck Me Lust

Can We Come Together?

Climaxing together is probably the
most gratifying sex you can have.

we come ogether

It may be easier to peak during oral and manual
sex because he’s focused on your clitoris,

Try to recreate this during the actual fuck.

Let him enter you only halfway in the beginning,
simulating the shallow penetration from his mouth
or hands. As he goes deeper, touch yourself so
you’re stimulated on the inside and outside.

With practice, climaxing during
intercourse will come naturally.

Explain to him you need longer come. He needs
to slow down. Rather than pumping his penis,
get him to be still while you squeeze his cock
with your vaginal muscles.

Would You Like
to Lie with Me?

the softness of sex

A Flock of Vulvas

5 Minute Vulva Anatomy from Michael Hughey, MD on Vimeo.

Fucking Lust

Ogle This

ogle this

Fingering Herself

fingering herself

Add Some Kink

add some kink

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