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Tender Is the Girl

Her Clitoris

The clitoris (sometimes shortened to “clit”)
is located at the top of the vulva where the
inner lips come together to make a little
hood that hides the clitoris.


Just like everything else, the clitoris can
vary a lot in size. It can be as small as
a tiny pea or as large as a fingertip.

The clitoris is the pleasure centre of the vulva.

When a girl is sexually aroused the clitoris
gets bigger and firmer.

It is super sensitive. Its one and only
purpose is to make a girl feel good.

The nipples have a ton of nerve endings.
When you touch, lick, suck, or play with them,
the clitoris lights up and begins to swell and
fill with blood, just like when you touch it directly.

The same places in the brain light up when you touch both.
It’s pretty hot, actually. As we know, the brain is our
largest sex organ. Everything that happens to your body
is connected to the brain.

For those of you with vaginas, vibrators are
commonly used to provide clitoral orgasms,
but they can also provide multi-orifice stimulation.

And they’re not just for solo masturbation sessions.
You can have a lot of fun using them during partnered sex.


tender teenage sensuality

Teenage Crush Collage

Succulent Sex

Should I Have Sex at a Tender Age?

Of course. It’s the best thing going.
Porn doesn’t even come close.

Speaking of porn, having sex regularly
will drastically cut down your
‘recreation/entertainment’ budget.

It’ll help build up your confidence, make you
more sociable and better in dealing
with the opposite sex.

It eliminates the burden of virginity
and makes sex a lot less complicated.

Practice makes perfect. An early
start means more experience.

It’s healthy, helps burn
calories and keeps you fit.

Teenagers who are sexually active tend
to look after themselves better and
make more effort in grooming and hygiene.

Swing from the Hip

Escort for Tonight


Wet & Messy

We produce a lot of fluids. when we fuck.
From squirting to ejaculation and menstrual blood,
there are plenty of liquids that can make sex
a big, old mess. So why not embrace it?

Explore Sploshing

Meet the sexual fetish in which getting
as messy as possible is the point.

Sploshing falls under the fetish category of
“Wet and Messy” (WAM) play and consists of
partners slathering each other in different
food products for the sensations they create.

Sploshing from Ryan Ackland on Vimeo.

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Succulent Young Woman


juicy pussy from Force on Vimeo

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