Doggie Style

“Hey Dog: Mount Me from Behind”

Best Sex Collection

Fuck It! Coming from Behind. Like a Red Rag to a Bull.
Open for Fucking. Open for Pleasure (Is She Lubricated?]

I Bet This Gets You Hard

Work your way
up to orgasm

Resist the urge to throw everything
into the first few minutes of fun.

Working your way up to the pinnacle,
or experimenting with edging,
will pay off in the end.

Best Advice: Have him start out more gently.

Doggy style gives guys a lot of leverage,
so it’s easy for them to just start thrusting away.

Encouraging him to start with slow, shallow
thrusts and work up to deeper, more passionate
thrusts will let you work up to the more
intense part, as you would in any other position.

Open for Fucking

I’ve sometimes let boys touch me ‘down there’.
It’s been going on since I was 15.

When I say touch, I mean with fingers and also
on a couple of occasions with the tip of the penis.

The last occasion was around six weeks ago when
I allowed my boyfriend to penetrate me,
but only about an inch – or maybe two.
He didn’t come. Am I still a virgin?

Open for Pleasure
(Is She Lubricated?]

Lubricant is defined as “something that lessens or
prevents friction or difficulty.”

That’s all it is – a little something extra to use
during intercourse to make the process go more smoothly.

There’s this idea that if a woman needs lubricant
it’s because her body isn’t functioning properly or
she’s not attracted to her partner enough.

There are a lot reasons why a woman can’t produce
enough natural lubricant. Dehydration, stress,
certain antidepressants and lack of foreplay are
the most common contributors to vaginal dryness.

Ripe to Ride

I love the fact that I can control a lot of the pleasure for me.
Shifting one way or the other or moving/going up and down I’m
controlling and making sure we’re hitting that spot.

Also I like the sound while going harder, faster or slower.
And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like a little squeezing
of the butt and spanking while making love. It’s such a turn-on

Perfect Fucking Position

It’s like being taken by your lover,
feelings of dominance and helplessness.

It’s also a very basic position,
almost primitive, animal-like.

You’re a bad girl taking it from behind,
exposing your anus to your partner.

These thoughts can be highly erotic.

Natural Woman

Many women now say they feel more womanly
with body hair, which makes sense when you
consider that hair starts growing during
puberty, around the same time girls get
their periods.

Combine that with the current socio-political
climate, in which many women have banded
together to challenge the patriarchy, the
hair-pride trend starts to make more sense.

Hit the Spot

Is female ejaculation (aka squirting)
the stuff of urban legends?

Ejaculation often happens during G-spot stimulation.
It can be found by sticking a finger in her vagina
and making a “come hither” motion.

You’ve located the spot if you feel
an almond-sized area with wrinkly skin.

Woman-on-top positions are best for her.
Whether she’s facing you or reverse cowgirl.
It helps her better control the angle of his penis.

Reverse cowgirl is most likely to help
you hit the spot. Get squirting!

Back-Seat Porn

Find a secluded parking lot or park near the rear
of a fairly busy parking lot, away from any lights.

Open the windows a bit, slide the front seats
forward then climb in the back seat and go for it.

Keep a clean towel in your car to clean any spills
and sweat, especially if you have leather seats.

If you have a sunroof, open it a bit to help air circulate.

Leave your keys hanging in the ignition
in case you need to make a quick escape.

Also leave your smartphone(s)
face down in the front seat.

This way if you get a call or text,
it won’t light up the entire car,

Appreciate the limitations. Unless you have
a SUV or RV only missionary, some sort
of modified doggy or reverse cowgirl
are about the most you’ll manage.

Come into My Cockpit

Put your cock in my pit.

Cockpit, aka vagina, The cockpit admits t
he penis for sexual intercourse. A pleasure hole.
She had a moist and accommodating cockpit.

Where does the cock go when having sex?

In my experience she knows where to put it.
If we’re talking PIV, not anal, her
cockpit’s the only place.

It’s important and easier to find it
the more turned on/slippery she is.

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