Magic Moment: The Engorged Vulva

When you’re roused, the labia fills up
with blood and become engorged. This
makes them more sensitive to touch.

Take a look the next time you’re turned on
and you’ll notice that they’re kind of
puffy looking. That means you’re turned on.

The engorged vulva looks puffy and plump. Look at her vulva
before you touch, stroke, fondle, knead and massage it.

Then watch as her tissue transforms. You will see her
clitoris pop out (in most women, not all), her labia
enlarge, her tissue darken from pink to purple.

The signs of engorgement are clear once
you see the before and after a few times.

porn portal vulva view

Sexual arousal in women is dependent to a certain extent
on the nerve endings that are present on the vulva.
Arousal leads to several physical changes in the vulva.

During the initial [excitement] phase there is an increase
in a watery secretion produced to cause better lubrication.

This increase is caused due to constriction of the vaginal
walls and congestion and engorgement of the vaginal walls.

Due to increase in pooling of blood, the watery secretion
collects in the vagina and flows out into the vulva.

During this phase the labia majora spreads apart and flatten
to expose the clitoris. The clitoris in turn increases in size.

These changes may not be immediately noticeable
unlike the excitation phase in men [a swollen penis.

The next phase is called the plateau. The congestion of
the blood vessels cause swelling of the vaginal walls.

This leads to decreasing the opening of the vagina to
around one third of its original size. As the clitoris
starts to become erect and is concealed by the hood.

The labia minora increase considerably in thickness,
This leads to spreading out of the labia minora
and the spreading up of the vaginal opening.

In White Caucasian women who have never had children
the color of the labia minora changes from pink to red
due to blood vessel engorgement. Among women who have
had children before the color changes from red to dark red.

The peak in sexual arousal [orgasm] is marked by maximum
clitoris engorgement. This engorgement leads to retraction
of glans into the clitoral hood. This is thought to protect
the sensitive glans during orgasm.

An orgasm is characterized by rhythmic muscle contractions
of the lower part of the vagina, the uterus and the anus.

The contractions come around once every 0.8 seconds
and gradually spread out and become less intense.

A typical orgasm contains 15 or more
contractions depending on the intensity.

This may be accompanied by female ejaculation,
causing liquid to squirt out. This is usually
a clear, odourless secretion from the Skene’s
gland or bladder that comes out of the urethra.

This is not urine and does not cause staining.
Immediately after orgasm the clitoris may be
so sensitive that any stimulation is uncomfortable.

Sexual Excitement in a Woman

The pulse and breathing quicken, and blood
pressure rises. A woman may become flushed,
especially on the chest and neck, due to the
blood vessels dilating. A sure sign she’s aroused.

Sexual Arousal from Olivia Lightfoot on Vimeo.

This Is Your
Sexologist Speaking


This, Boys & Girls, Is a Woman’s Pubic Area

Female Sexual Pleasure

Delphine didn’t waste any time diving into her program by encouraging students to laugh at or interrupt her. The goal was to make students as comfortable with the material as possible.

The sexologist discussed types of orgasms, stages of sexual response, variations of arousal and basic female anatomy.

She presented her information with blue PowerPoint slides which turned orange in warning before a video involving nudity was shown. She had been previously told by another college that one of her videos was pornographic and that she was banned from using it.

Delphine proceeded to show a short clip of the banned video, titled “Viva la Vulva,” an educational film by renowned sexologist Betty Dodson. The film follows a group of older women displaying and examining each other’s genitalia.

A member of the unfazed audience commented that the video should be shown in sex education classes. This sort of reaction is why Delphine feels compelled to explain her reasons for showing the video in the first place.

She refused to accept the college’s allegations that the film was pornographic “because that shows our deep disconnect with acknowledging bodies as natural and healthy.”

Delphine sees this disconnect firsthand in her presentations.

“A lot of individuals are completely shocked when I show basic anatomy,” she said. “That astounds me. People are 19, people are 45 and they still don’t know this stuff,” she continued.

Considering the somewhat taboo nature of sex in Western culture, Delphine isn’t surprised. The sexologist emphasized that modern culture often only discusses the negative impact of sex to the point that people are terrified. She fears that these people cannot be expected to live healthy, happy lives if they are terrified of sex.

The sexologist believes sexual pleasure is a reproductive justice issue, saying that when information on bodily function is denied, people’s ability to control themselves and their rights is limited.

A Well-Lubricated Cunt

As she becomes sexually aroused, her
vaginal muscle tissue starts to relax

Biologically, this makes perfect sense.
Evolution is all about encouraging
reproduction. An erect cock in a snug cunt

A Woman Needs
to Be Moist

A tight vagina would impede intercourse and reproduction,
so women evolved to have sexual arousal relax the vaginal
muscles, allowing easier insertion of his penis,
increasing the chances of pregnancy.

When the vagina’s at rest which all the time except
during sexual arousal and childbirth, the muscle
tissue remains tightly folded like a closed accordion.

Anxiety makes the vaginal musculature clench even tighter.
That’s why young girls sometimes have problems inserting tampons.

Their vaginal muscle tissue is tight and contracted
to begin with, and many girls feel anxious about
touching themselves and inserting anything,
so the muscles contract even tighter.

Arousal-related vaginal loosening doesn’t produce
a big open cavity like the inside of a sock.

Rather, the vaginal interior changes from resembling a tight
fist to a fist loose enough to insert a finger or two.

If the vagina feels “too tight” during sex the woman
is either not interested in sex or she hasn’t had
enough warm-up time to allow her vaginal musculature
to relax enough for comfortable insertion.

He shouldn’t attempt intercourse before she’s
fully roused, before her vagina has relaxed
and become well lubricated.

Most women need at least 30 minutes of foreplay.
This includes kissing, hugging, and mutual
massage for their vaginas to relax enough to
allow the penis to slide in comfortably.
The essence of successful sex is nature’s lubrication.

Diversify your foreplay and get to know how long to spend in one place> Not enough time is frustrating, to much time and she may become sore or numb No matter how many times you push an elevator button it won’t come any faster.

She has sensitive areas around the vulva.
Get to know her labia [lips], They will
become engorged when she’s roused.

Nuzzle and kiss the vulva and use your
hand/fingers to stimulate the clitoris.
You’ll know when she’s ready for penetration.

Slip into Something
More Comfortable

As you move in and out her cunt gets wetter,
but it defies the laws of physics. It is wet,
but there is still friction.

Each thrust yields a different sensation,
more pressure on the top of your cock,
more pressure on the side.

One thrust is super slippery, the next
can have a lot of friction. As if she’s
giving you a handjob but constantly
changing her grip and pressure

The visuals during sex, the flow of juices
coming out of her vagina, the rhythmic motions
of her breasts synchronized to your thrusts,

The sounds, the moans, her gasps of
pleasure, the things she says to you.

Cock Enters Cunt

When she orgasms her vagina goes into spasms.
Your cock is clenched by her vaginal muscles.
Now you come.

It feels paralyzed from the waist down,
pouring a gallon jug of semen into her cunt.

Your mind goes blank and for 10 seconds.
It’s the best feeling you’ll ever have.
No wonder you want to get back in there.

Get Her Moist First

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