The Point of Foreplay

Appetiser: This Rouses
and Increases Anticipation

Flirting is an age-old custom enabling women to find out
what you’re all about before they entertain the prospect
of having sex [bearing your children].

Ignore flirting at your peril. It’s a huge factor which
will determine your success or failure with the opposite sex.

Flirting is a game of emotions, where women test
the character of their prospective sexual partners.

The woman and man banter with each other,
gauging how the other responds in turn.

Every time the woman throws a barb at the man,
she’s assessing his intelligence, his ability
to react on the spot, his stress handling skills,
his sense of humour and an array of other charac-
teristics. All this contributes to the pleasure.

Rushing straight to a sexual climax
is a complete mood-killer.

You need to heighten the
tension, create the desire
to have sex and then prolong it.

Foreplay & Delayed

Foreplay is the best part of being intimate.
It’s so much more than grinding up on someone
while dancing and then rushing to get their clothes off
as you struggle to look sexy while getting off yours.

The whole point of sex is to get your partner
to the highest point of sexual pleasure.

Rushing straight to sex is a complete mood-killer.
You need to heighten the tension, create the desire
to have sex and then prolong it.

The point of foreplay is to really make your partner
want it, but then delay the sexual gratification
to make them want it even more.

It sounds dirty but your partner will be
able to last longer and a “quickie” will
turn into a long, sensual sex session.

Foreplay to Fuck

Why She Likes It Slow

You’re fit—and strong. And when it comes to bedding your girl,
you nail it fast and hard, just the way she likes it.

Problem is, it isn’t the way she likes it.
Learn more about the slow groove and you
may just realize what women have known
for years. Slow sex is better.

Just because a woman is wet it doesn’t mean she’s near climax.
A good rule of thumb: Take the amount of time you think she needs,
and double it. If she’s ready sooner, you’ll know it.

Synchronicity is overrated. She don’t care when she
have an orgasm, as long as she get one.

The longer you stimulate us and the slower you
take things—the more likely that becomes.

Hell, sex is a leisure pursuit. You rush through
the workday and always try to be efficient,
but when it comes to play make it count.

She needs get-down-time as much as you.

Let Her Undress You

Undressing as foreplay is a powerful aphrodisiac. I know men usually get quite anxious when they know that they’re about to be inside the woman they want so badly, but patience and teasing are quite thrilling if done right.

Sit back and think a minute; how often has your woman undressed you? Now think about how many times you’ve undressed her? Yeah, it seems that someone’s been voluntarily getting naked on their own one too many times here.

Getting undressed can be part of foreplay rather than a lead-in to it. All you have to do is drive her crazy with sexual desire. Now that doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

The next time you begin to engage in a passionate kiss that you know is going to lead to something delectably sinful, take your time to appreciate her body slowly and sensually.

Kiss her mouth, pull her head back slowly by pulling the back roots of her hair while she sits on top of you, bite on her neck, and whisper what you plan on doing into her ear. Then slowly remove her top and kiss the skin of her breasts.

After you remove her bra, breathe heavily around her nipples, but don’t give them the satisfaction of saliva. Smile at her, then lay her down and remove her pants (and socks if she’s wearing any).

Now that she’s wearing nothing but her thong (hey, it’s my visual) and lying on her back, take your index and middle fingers on each hand and run them underneath her panty lines all the way down to her vagina.

Take off her underwear, spread her legs, and use your fingers to massage her outer lips gently. Don’t touch her moisture just yet; your mission is to drive her so mad with desire that she feels the uncontrollable need to undress you.

Smile at her sneakily, stare straight into her eyes and ask, “Do you want me?” When she utters, “yes,” lift your fully dressed self off of her slowly, stare at your clothes and ask, “then what are you waiting for? Come and get it.”

Because women aren’t usually as strong or as able to maneuver you around as you are them, work with her. When she wants to lift up your shirt, raise your arms; when she wants to take off your pants, lift up your butt if you’re lying down; and when she wants to remove your boxers, fight her off…

That’s right; it’s about time that you’re the one who plays hard to get. If she wants your boxers, she’s going to have to fight you for them.

Explain that if she can get your mind off your boxers by, uh, I don’t know, licking your back, sucking your neck, whispering what she plans on doing once she gets them off, then maybe she can have them and get a lick of your throbbing stick.

My point: let her seduce you. When you make her aware in this subtle way that you enjoy being seduced as well, she’ll start taking more initiative and thus pleasure in playing the “what are my boxers worth to you?” game.

Shenseea – Foreplay from Pink Starr Inc on Vimeo

Intimate Gesture

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