Pubic Hair

The Way Women Were [The Origins of ‘Pussy’]

The genitalia meaning of ‘pussy’
likely came into English from
a Scandinavian language.

There are words in some of the ‘grandparent’
languages to English, like Old Norse and Old
English which are very similar to ‘pussy’
and which mean either ‘vulva’ or ‘pocket.’

Do what you want with your pubic hair. Shave it off,
give it a coconut oil hair mask, braid it, bedazzle it,
whatever. Do what makes you feel good. But for fuck’s
sake, don’t shave it off.



Every cis-man seeks out cunts. That’s the way it is.
It’s the most valuable thing on earth because
men want it so badly.

Men are gaga over the vagina. It’s instinct.
Spread your seed, sow your wild oats, bow
and scrape for a bit of beaver pelt.
But is this true?

Hey Pussy from AKSTAR NEW YORK on Vimeo.

If it were instinct you’d think other male animals
would be acting the same way. They’re not.

Female chimps beg male chimps for sex. Antelopes of
the fairer sex will scrap and cheat their way into
scoring prime nooky from their male counterparts.

Stallions, held up as the pinnacle of ever ready
male sexuality, will often turn their nose up at
a willing mare who isn’t the right color or breed
or for some other horsey reason. So what’s really
giving the cunt it’s star power in our society?

The value of female sexuality to men is its ability
to give men orgasms right? That’s why men are walking
hard-ons, right? Because they only want one thing:
shove it in and get it off.

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