This Is a Toss-off

No Forbidden Fruit

Deep in Fucking Thought. Pussy Power.
Mount the Bitch. She Wants Your Cock.

Deep in Fucking Thought

Have you ever fucked on a table? I mean, it’s no bed.
Why fuck on a table when you can fuck on a bed?

I suppose if you’re fucking someone who’s not
your disgusting wife, which is what he’s doing,
then maybe a table is what’s deserved.

Anyway, we did this until my back started to cramp,
then moved to a bed to finish because fuck that,
what the point of coming if you’re paralyzed?

Pussy Power

When I Wore A “Pussy Power” Shirt

I love shouting, “Pussy Power!” out loud,
for all to hear.We should be empowered enough
to use the word pussy without fear, right?

Obviously, I wore it the to the women’s march
and danced around the streets of New York,
loving my life. It was so empowering.

But then I didn’t wear it again. I’m not sure exactly why,
but I guess a shirt that says “Pussy” across the front
doesn’t really go with any of my outfits.

Or, perhaps I was just scared. Maybe
I didn’t want people to judge me.

The word also now holds a special brand of electricity

Due to our scabrous President’s cavalier use of
the word to describe groping women without their
consent. He’s clearly a charmer. The point is,
pussy is a charged word right now.

Mount the Bitch

The rear-entry position (you on all fours with your guy
at your backside) just officially dethroned missionary
as millennials’ favorite way to get it on.

What’s really surprising about this shift is that,
for the first time in this annual survey, equal
numbers of women and men say doggie is their jam.

Sex from behind usually feels great for everyone involved.
It allows for a greater depth of penetration, and the angle
allows more leverage for thrusting.

Such deep intercourse means you can experience feel-good
stimulation from his penis all along your vagina,
including your G-spot and potentially even up to your
cervix (which, because of the nerves clustered there,
can be a major pleasure point for some women).

She Wants Your Cock

They know what it is, what it’s for,
and what to do with it. But what’s really
going through a woman’s mind when she
gets acquainted with your penis?

I could wax poetic about the parts of the penis,
but the gist of it all is this: there’s a head,
a shaft, and a couple of balls.

There’s misconception that women tend to smile
with glee whenever the word ‘penis’ is mentioned,
but that is absolutely not true. Women can be
terrified by it.

It’s not just a symbol of virility or the mark
of a man. It is an entity that has the ability
to invade a woman’s most intimate area and more.

Is This What You Want?

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