Tickle My Clitoris

Here I Come,
Entering Stage Left

Fingers and Clitoris

She presses herself against the wall and slides
down so her buttocks touch the hardwood floor.

Without her fingers leaving her clitoris,
she spreads her legs wide and cries out as
the previous tweak turns into an intensified jolt.

She’s so wet now, worried about leaving
a mark on the floor. So what if I do,
she thought, continuing to rub herself.

Her two fingers pressing down harder, yet another
cry from her lips. Her eyes become glazed and her vision
starts blurring. Wow. That didn’t take long.

She starts letting go of the tension and submits her
body to the glorious orgasm begging to be released.

Tickle My Clitoris

Tell him to start from the outside and work
his way in.Invite him to start licking you
over your underwear in wide, flat strokes.

The indirect touching and his hot
breath on you will get you going.

Next, lose your knickers and have him run his tongue
along your labia (the inner and outer folds of your vulva)

This will spark arousal and boost blood flow
to your clitoris, which will make every next
touch feel that much more toe-curling.

So many men go too fast and too hard. Most women
like the experience to ramp up with incredibly soft
licking from a flat tongue, which covers a lot of
surface area, but very gently.

Tell your guy to use the same amount of pressure
he’d use to lightly lick ice cream that’s dripping
down a cone. He can work his way up from there,

Women prefer a repeated rhythmic motion, circling
around the clitoris, and switching between different
strokes (circles to up and down, then back).

For an intense finale that will have you tugging on
his hair (in the best way), tell your man to focus
on your clitoris with the tongue move that’s working
for you and not to stop until you’ve clearly climaxed.


Solo Sexual Relief

Teenage girls tend not to masturbate as automatically as boys.

But plenty of girls do discover that they get pleasant
feelings from their genitals at quite an early age.
And many of these girls do discover how to masturbate
to orgasm in their mid to late teens.

solo sex in bath

The average woman masturbates by stimulating her clitoris.
She usually does this in little circular motions, either
with her index or middle finger.

Generally, women begin by touching themselves just above,
or below, the clitoris. But as their excitement mounts,
they can tolerate more intense stimulation right on top of it.

Some women find they like the feeling of ‘bulk’ created
by having something in the vagina at the same time.

This could be two or three fingers of her other hand or some kind of object.

girl masturbate2

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