Sexual Excitement

Sultry Nudes: Sexual Questions

You Want
This Is It

Exciting in a sensual way;
attractive and suggesting hidden passion.
“a sultry look” “a sultry dance”

(especially of a woman’s face or voice) attractive
in a way that suggests sexual desire: She’s the
sultry blonde in that new perfume commercial.

How Do I Tell Him?

I’ve been faking my orgasms
without hurting his feelings?

What can I do to get him to explore
out of the ordinary sexual options?

How do I handle my clitoral sensitivity?
I just keep on coming during sex.

How Young Is
This Sex Siren

Who’s the Sexiest
Female Movie Star Ever?

Do You Want to
Fuck Standing Up?

Do Women Prefer
Being on Top?

What’s Your
Favourite Fucking

What’s the Dirtiest
Thing You’ve Done with

Can You Give Me
an Erotic Erection?

She’s So Sultry from BAMBI MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

How Long Does
Interesting Sex Last
in a Relationship?

Is the Anticipation
of Sex More Exciting
than the Performance?

Patty Diphusa – International Sex Symbol from Mauro Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Is All Sex

Sex for Sale

The above video showed up in my Facebook feed the other night. It’s from a purported think tank, the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture, which is actually a Christian think tank/advocacy group.

The video claims to be a scientific look at the “Economics of Sex” based on the concept that men want sex for its own sake but women want sex for intimacy, security and, ultimately, marriage. Therefore sex is a “resource,” subject to supply and demand, which women control.

“Men know that sex is cheap these days if they know where to look!” we are told. The video then implores women to dole out the supply of their resource to men (the “demand”) in exchange for other stuff. Essentially: ‘All sex is prostitution and women are prostitutes.’

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