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Hobbyist: Someone who engages in the hobby (of hiring escorts), an escort’s client. This term is favored by hobbyists, while law enforcement usual refers to the same people as “johns”.

Escort: a companion for hire. There is often a sexual connotation. Hooker or whore are now the profession’s equivalent of nigger.

Provider: A hobbyist’s term for an erotic escort. Or sometimes other adult entertainers like massage parlor girls who provide erotic services.

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Sex Island And Its ‘Unlimited Escorts’

Remember’Sex Island’? It’s that unique event where
$6,000 (£4,600) will get you ‘unlimited sex’
with your pick of 100 women in an ‘alcohol and
marijuana-friendly’ environment

According to the website, guests will be picked up
by private helicopter and taken to the ‘secret’ location.

“There are 50 tickets for 50 guests, each ticket
includes the company of 2 beautiful girls each day
for an unlimited amount of sex during the 4-day trip.

There’ll be 100 girls available for you.
All of our girls are tested and free of
any sexual diseases. We have a strict
condom policy. At any moment you can
switch girls with the other 50 guests.”

For anyone concerned about the nature of the sex
workers, the website confirmed that all is above board.
The girls are carefully chosen, well-paid and more
than willing participants.

One former client actually found true love on the island.
16-year-old ‘Brian’ actually bought his way on using
his dad’s credit card, and fell for sex worker Andrea.

After drinking, taking drugs and having sex for the
first time, he was left with a completely new outlook
on life and is considering seeing Andrea again. Bless him.

She won’t offer up titillating autobiographies
for the reader’s satisfaction. Instead, she
writes about sex work as a job which contains
the sort of tension, irritation, financial
pressure and freedom which define the lives of
other workers under capitalism.

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