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Hey Girl. Are You Roused?

In physiological terms, the vagina-heart-brain circuit is a dopamine-oxytocin-opiate loop. When it’s intact and uninterrupted, a woman is in a state of genuine well-being. She’s capable, confident and sexy. She knows how to access arousal and run with it through her day.

When that loop is disrupted, severed, shamed or abused, women numb out. They get depressed, anxious, have low libido and suffer ‘hysteria’.

We need to discover how to recognize and complete that circuit so that we women are steadily charged, activated, open to and ready for joy and many more orgasms!

Are You Roused?

There’s an increasing body of scientific evidence suggesting the vagina is not merely flesh but an intrinsic component of the female brain. It has a fundamental connection to a woman’s consciousness.

It’s all about being able to access sexual arousal. Harness that hotbed of energy and you will be able to apply it to help you reach your full potential.

I don’t have to look any further than below my own belly button to feel the profound shifts that connecting all the pieces of myself have made.

I feel integrated, powerful, sensuous and seen. They are finding it by learning how to access their arousal.

Couples often come to see me complaining of a sexual symptoms, like a lack of sexual desire, or sexual boredom, or some other dysfunction.

I always try to find out whether they’ve been getting aroused. Not just hard or lubricated but really aroused. Captivated. Self-absorbed. Infantile. If the arousal isn’t there, then where did it go?“

We don’t seek a place of arousal except when we want to have partnered sex or an orgasm. We’re not living turned on lives.

As a result, we’re missing all of that power that we could be bringing into our daily existence. We need to access our own arousal and understand that it is not just there for the sex act.

The other benefit of this learning experience is that once we have a handle on our arousal as a whole, we can access it more easily and bring it out in full force to ignite our partner’s sexual passions.

Women who are sexually activated are more creative and productive. Sexual arousal is not a limited experience. It’s a full life experience. It’s time to talk about more than orgasm and support women who find themselves disconnected from this essential and overlooked state of being.

Feel Aroused




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