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Vibrators & Dildos [Who Needs Men?]

The Hitachi Magic Wand

More than half of women aged 16 to 60 use vibrators.
It won’t come as a surprise to hear that regular use
of these tools can make it easier to get in the mood.

Same Old Sex Routine?

You aren’t imagining things and you’re not alone.
Women start to notice a fizzling out of desire
after living with their partner for a couple of years.

It happens to men, too, but women’s levels
seem to plunge more precipitously).

Change Your Dildo


Glass dildos often get a bad rap. For some, just
the thought of using one sounds terrifying.

What if it breaks? Yet the best glass dildos can
seem like the last great sex toy frontier.

Glass dildos are actually among the safest and most sanitary
sex toys you’ll ever find. Since they’re hypoallergenic,
they’re a great choice for people with sensitive skin,

They’re easy to clean and unlikely to cause rashes
or irritation like some other toys might.

Unlike silicone, they’re hard and inflexible, but if you
don’t mind that rigidity and enjoy the fullness they offer.

The glass is shatterproof and made from tempered glass
(i.e., the stuff Pyrex is made from). With the right
care and maintenance, they can last forever, which i
s not something you can say about most sex toys.

Quiet Vibrations

Sometimes you need a vibrator which doesn’t
make a lot of noise when you’re using it.

If you’re at home visiting your parents or
staying with friends, the last thing you need
is someone asking “what the fuck’s all that
weird buzzing? Are you living near train tracks?”

I’m Picking up
Good Vibrations

There’s certainly something to be said for
a giant, husky, reliable wand vibrator.

It is regularly touted as the cornerstone
of every great sex toy collection.

The issue? Sound. Straight up noise.
Vibrators tend to make quite a bit of
noticeable movement and rumbling (or buzzing).

No thank you to that awkwardness! Or maybe you just
want a toy that feels as intimate as the connection
you have with your vulva. You might prefer the quiet touch.

Luckily, there are high-quality, excellent
options for super quiet, easy-to-use vibes

My personal favourite is the Squish by Unbound.

It’s a little lemon-shaped vibe you put down there.
The more you squeeze it, the harder the vibrations.

Imagine you’re squeezing it for fresh juice.
The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibration

This feature makes it super simple to use.
No buttons to worry about is always a plus

It’s USB rechargeable and totally waterproof.
The best feature is the lack of noise.
It’s dead silent. The only sounds you’ll need
worry about are the ones you make when you come.

Good Vibes

Whatever your vibrator, from a finger to jackhammer,
You’ll probably get more pleasure and a more reliable
orgasm than wham-bam sex. Lesbians have more awareness
of how to give pleasure to each other.

Great Vibrations

Urethral Pleasure
Play [Her U-Spot]

Another pleasure spot in a woman’s body is the U-spot.
It’s the opening to the urethra [ where she pees from]

You’ll find just above the vaginal opening,
above the lips. Many women enjoy gentle
stimulation in this area with finger or tongue.

This zone has very sensitive tissue located
above the urethra and between the clitoris
and the urethra, which is where we urinate from.

This area is often called the female prostate.

It can be stimulated by gently stroking or tapping.
Since this area is very sensitive, as with majority
of the vagina and vulva, don’t apply too much pressure.

Urethral pleasure play isn’t the same thing
as urethral sounding, the act of inserting a
specialized medical tool into a man’s urethra
as a form of sexual or fetishistic activity.

The Every Pleasure Known Sounding Rod
is a premium urethral toy made to
satisfy even the most demanding users.

It is specially designed to go deep and
touch all of the most sensitive urethral
spots, so you will enjoy it to the fullest.

This urethral toy has different shapes
running along the shaft for the most
arousing experience imaginable.

The whole toy is 8” long and it has peaks
and valleys, humps and bumps so it will
hit all the sweets spots. It is almost 10mm
at its largest point, with handles on the top.

We promise you. This will be one of the
most pleasurable experiences of your life!

Girls Masturbate
Humping My Bunny

Sex with My Rabbit

I’m 15 and I’ve heard about girls humping their
bunnies. I’d like to try it but I don’t know how.

I’m a girl just like you and pillow humping
and stuffed animal humping is my profession.>

Step one: take a stuffed animal and sit on top

Step two: take off your underwear. You would probably
want to do this before step one because the clitoral
stimulation will feel better naked.

Step three: get yourself nice and wet. Imagine about
that boy (or girl) you like and imagine grinding them
or watch some porn with a close-up pussy and penis

Step four: start stroking up and down while watching
the porn clip or imagining that person. You can go as
fast or as slow as you like. I cum every time.

my bunny & me

The first sex talk I had with a grown-up I was
told sex was special. It sounded a little ominous,
like a big responsibility, like First Communion.
Something to take seriously and not mess up.

It was years before anyone told me it should be fun.
Yet “fun” was far from the focus of ninth-grade sex ed.

We learned about STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and
the basics of consent, sure, but next to nothing
about how to actually masturbate or have sex.

Encourage Girls to Masturbate

I was one of the lucky few students to receive education
that extended beyond slut-shaming and exhortations to
abstinence, and still I was on my own when it came to
knowing my clit and its 8,000 sensory nerve endings.

Even those who would like to see pleasure addressed in sex ed
tend to think of its inclusion as icing on the cake, a nice bonus.

Boys will probably be able to work out how to get their rocks
off without assistance, while girls can just figure out all
that pleasure stuff when they’re older, when they start buying
fancy rabbit vibrators and going to New-Agey orgasm workshops
and eventually psychotherapy, right?

Our collective failure to discuss the pleasure of sex is far
more sinister than prudish. Sex-ed curriculums that omit it
aren’t just incomplete. They’re dangerous.

When we neglect to teach young women and their partners
that sex should feel good, and should be, of all things,
fun, sex becomes something where men request and women submit

The clitoris, for example, is the reason most women are able
to orgasm at all, and yet sex-ed programs bury its superpower
in clinical anatomical diagrams.

Maybe we’re embarrassed by the little wishbone-shaped
structure, whose only function is to make women feel good.

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Shit! Peter isn’t teasing. He means it. I probably should’ve just surrendered.

I finally make it to the next floor and sprint down the hall, my long hair flying behind me like a russet banner. I think I hear him behind me but I can’t tell anymore.

My blood is pumping too hard for me to hear anything but my own heartbeat. I stretch forward and grasp a large doorknob that’s growing ever-larger as I twist it.

I fling the door open and run right into his outstretched arms.

“Gotcha, Alice!”

Before I can say a word, he grabs me by the back of my head and smashes my mouth against his. I can’t help but scream like a cat in heat. I often lose my mind as soon as I touch him, which is why I do my best to not do that when I need my senses on point.

I claw his back as I press my body against his. He lifts me up in his arms and my legs immediately twine about his back. Lust boils my veins. I can’t get enough of his touch and taste. He’s like candy, sweet and addictive. His tongue fills my mouth deliciously. I suck on it greedy and demanding more.

Peter digs his fingers into my ass and slides me up and down his muscled stomach. My clit throbs with each pass. I swivel my hips like a crazy thing. I leave off shredding his back so I can run my fingers through his pure white hair.

It’s so soft beneath my skin. One of my favorite things to do is brush it in the mornings before he leaves for his Majesty’s service. He indulges me in this but I know that as soon as he exits my rooms, his hand swipes through it until it’s a beautiful mess.

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