Sex and Seduction

Visual: Sexualisation

Sex Porn Erotica

Now, every female pop artist
is expected to put her body up for
display to sell records and stay relevant.

The current toxic music industry
profits from sexualized images
of “just legal” young pop stars.

The most recent example is Billie Eilish
who debuted with the track ‘Ocean Eyes’
when she was just 14.

A child of the internet and a Gen Y kid, Eilish
is well aware of how female stars are sexualized,
even when they are young. So, she consciously
shrouded herself in baggy clothes and a distinctly
androgynous look to protect herself.

Then There’s
Selena Gomez

Advertisements with young girls in make-up
and adult-style provocative clothing and
commercials with women dressed as little
girls in pigtails and skimpy school uniforms
are examples of sexualization in society
that may contribute to a young girl’s or
boy’s acceptance of sexual objectification.

Glorious View

glorious buttocks

Sexologist Alfred Kinsey suggested the buttocks
are the primary sexual presentation site in primates.

Some anthropologists and sociobiologists believe
breast fetishism derives from their similarity to
buttocks, but instead provide sexual attraction
from the front of the body.

Tokyo Girl

tokyo girl

When we think of how women are represented in the media,
it’s usually not in the most positive or accurate light.

The sexualization of the female body, their lack of a voice
or nuanced character, the perfectly photoshopped faces…
all these are examples of how the media incorrectly portrays women.

Female representation is essentially governed by
persisting female stereotypes and by how men see
women– referred to as the ‘male-gaze.’

Beach Vulva

beach vulva

The media industry is dominated by white men,
and they have control over the images and
messages that are released to the public.

Dream Threesome

Dream Threesome

For example, in film, women are often sexualized
or portrayed as one-dimensional characters that
focus on relationships or raising a family.

Particularly in advertisements, women are depicted
as sexual objects to sell the product or service.
This creates a culture that commoditises the female
body and perpetuates unrealistic standards.

Essential Fucking

essential fucking

It’s important to examine the type of woman that is held up
as the standard of beauty. Traditionally, she is a tall,
thin, white women with flawless makeup and hair perfectly styled.

These features are not nearly inclusive of the majority of women
in the United States or around the world. Women can be curvy or
petite. Women can have curls or a pixie cut.

Different body types and races–along with diversity
in expression of gender through clothes, hair, or makeup
should all be recognized and celebrated in the media.

Look Who’s Grown Up

all grown up now

While the sexualization of youth goes beyond ‘adult
entertainment’ online porn today plays a huge role
in spreading its popularity.

In porn, the fetishization of the underage is
blatant and unapologetic. There, the demand
for young—Barely Legal!—women is overwhelming.

“Teen” is among the most popular search
terms on porn sites. Even where performers
are of legal age, pornographers often go
out of their way to make them appear to be minors.

Welcome to Breastville

welcome to breastville

Fuck It to Me

fuck  it to me

She Wants You

Read her body language to judge if
she wants you to make a move.

Is her body language receptive to you?
If so, you’ll notice that she is opening
her body towards you, not away from you.
She’s leaning in, interested in what you say.

She enjoys being around you. She looks
visibly relaxed and yet also excited by you.

Her breathing is either deeper and more
relaxed or shallow with excitement.

The way to tell whether her shallow breathing
is from excitement (good) or discomfort and
turn-off (bad) is to watch her facial expression.

Is she smiling genuinely, even if ever so slightly?

If she seems tense and forced, she’s not a happy camper.

On the other hand, if she seem open and happy,
even if she’s a bit nervous, excellent!

That’s a great sign that she wants
to connect more with you.

She Wants You from Brice Ferre – Vancouver Photo on Vimeo.

Fucking Yoga Girl

The key to yoga’s claim to make sex better and deeper
is in the breathing technique called pranayama.

It’s the formal practice of controlling the breath,
which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.

It releases the same chemicals in the brain as
sex does, meaning you can leave the studio
post-yoga with enhanced sexual desire.

Also, during your practice, certain postures
increase blood flow to the pelvic region,
lighting up your sexual response.

The heart rate of yogis in deep meditative
states can even mirror that of frenzied lovers.

Fucking Yoga Girl

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