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Teen Girls Vaginal Surgery

The message is spreading for any teen girls who turn to vaginal surgery only for cosmetic reasons. While some teen girls could benefit from labia minora surgery in order to get relief from discomfort that can come from the vaginal region being so swollen that it causes problems — others are seeking the surgery out of fear that they don’t look “normal” down there.

Another thing driving the trend is that vaginal images are all over the Internet, with a lot of those images only showing Photoshopped and similar photos of vulva that don’t vary much in size or shape.

The fact that the trend is also for women to be unshaven in the bikini region — therefore exposing the vulva more so than in decades past — causes more attention to be paid to the cosmetic appearance of the area.

The fear is that the teen girls who are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to have the size of their vaginal area trimmed might be doing so by taking drastic measures.

Instead of directly opting for plastic surgery, teen girls are being warned by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to consider options other than labiaplasty as a first option.

It isn’t exactly known why there has been an increase in teen girls asking for their labia minora to be trimmed, but some folks on social media are blaming the popularity of yoga pants and other tight gear for the uptick.

Khloe Kardashian is famous for joking about her nether regions and how large she appears when wearing certain clothing — but she has famously made peace with her body.

When a Teenage Girl
is Sexually Aroused

When she’s sexually aroused, there’s
blood flow to the genitals, increased
lubrication and breathing rate, the vagina
elongates, and the clitoris and labia swell.

As pleasure builds up, some orgasm,
most don’t. Shortly after climaxing,
the genitals return to their unengorged state.

If there is no orgasm, it takes longer for
the physical signs of arousal to subside.

Considering your clitoris is swollen,
or engorged, for an extended period of time,
it’s possible you’re experiencing discomfort
from the lack of release you get with orgasm.

Orgasm allows your body and clitoris to go
back to their unaroused states, the throbbing
usually subsiding more quickly after orgasm.

Conversely, without orgasm, all
this takes place more slowly.

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