Fuck Me

Waiting to Be Fucked

When we get hot and heavy, please take charge.
Please, please fuck me. Trust me, I’m not going
to just lie still. I’ll get involved.

But don’t make me force your hand into my
panties. That makes me feel like a rapist.

Get on top of me. Don’t make me get on top
right out of the gate and start bobbing up
and down on your cock like I’m practicing
some crazy new aerobic yoga because you won’t
go down on me. Roll on top and start dry humping
like a good boy should.

Fucking Comes Naturally

Fucking Magnificent!

Just like men, women can experience genital arousal
even when they’re not psychologically sexually aroused.

Women have nocturnal orgasms just like men.
Also, just like men, women can experience
genital arousal when their minds happen
to wander to sexual thoughts, say during
a really boring lecture or doing the ironing.




I Want to Fuck Her


A woman’s desire is responsive

Women need to feel sexually desired before
they’re turned on. So many assume that because
their desire is responsive, rather than
spontaneous, they have ‘low desire’.

Their ability to enjoy sex with their partner
is meaningless if they don’t also feel a
persistent urge for it.

They feel broken because their desire isn’t
what it’s ‘supposed’ to be.

They need a thoughtful exploration of what
creates desire between them and their partners.

This is likely to include confidence in their
bodies, feeling accepted, and (not least)
explicitly erotic stimulation.

I want to possess her

Massage & Fuck

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