Object of Desire Sexual Appetite

We Need Male Liberation

There’s a constant deterioration
of feelings women have towards men.

Disgust and hate is foremost in gender relations.

A new gesture has emerged to define what’s happening.
It’s the sneer, the female gaze of contempt.

Women’s Contempt for Men

There’s a well-developed intellectual expression of contempt for men, encapsulated in the idea of the “masculinity crisis” —. Men are doomed by their inherent natures to flounder in the emotionally complex, predominantly social post-industrial world.

Dozens of books have circled around or near the concept, but none had actually made a persuasive, research-grounded argument until Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men and the Rise of Women.

The book begins with a somewhat expected girl-powered farewell to male power. The American middle class, she writes, “is slowly turning into a matriarchy, with men increasingly absent from the workforce and home as women make all the decisions.”

Her numbers make a case: Women now have half the jobs in the American workforce. Three quarters of the 7.5 million jobs lost during the recession belonged to men. Of the top fifteen growth industries in America, twelve are almost exclusively the preserve of women.

Where’s the male equivalent of feminism and female liberation? Men no longer seem able to stand up for themselves. They’ve never taken to gender-based political activism.

There’s a “dank cellar” in the American workforce (men work almost all of the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs) and male life expectancy is much lower than that of women.

Men should fight for their liberation from the tyranny of family life and bourgeois expectations. Men don’t want to be domesticated.

Liberate Your Sexual Self

ready to pluck

Our sexuality is one of the most primary aspects
of who we are and the gateway to our deepest psyches.

The erotic self and the sexual needs that it drives
are secondary only to our other survival needs of
eating, drinking and sleeping.

The sooner we get started the better. In a less
sexually repressed society kids would probably
start sexual experimentation in their early teens.

The power our sexuality exerts in our life is
generally misunderstood and shadowed with shame.

Worse still, our lack of understanding about who
we are erotically often leads to the widely held
belief that sexuality is to be feared and can
easily slip out of our control.

Wrongly, we interpret our erotic urges as our most
base and primitive instincts and instead of trying
to learn from their mysterious language we use
our sexual energies to suppress them.

Perhaps, in the future, technology will be used
to free us from productive and reproductive work
and the nuclear family, so that a new form of
liberated sexuality can emerge.

The Male Gaze

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