Take a Tumble What the Fuck

We’re Ready to Fuck

‘Side-piece’ is that girl you call
up at 2AM and she knows what’s up.

No attachments just fucking and she’s
gonna be ready to fuck and then leave.

Off with Her Knickers


A British Airways stewardess has been suspended
over an in-flight video which shows her in uniform
peeling off her tights and sniffing them.

While the woman’s motivation behind making
the video is unclear, it could be part of
the rising market for tights and shoe fetishes.

Tights are being sold for about $20 a pop online.
Cabin crew are keen to make a little extra cash
on the side by selling their old gear.

In the latest video, the woman reportedly tells
watchers that she has been wearing the tights
all day “with no knickers”.

Make Me Come

absolute ecstasy

Help Her Have an Orgasm

make me cum

Fucking Audition

Auditions are common in porn as producers seek to measure
a girl’s talent level and desire to try new and wild things.

First timers and relative amateurs are common and scenes
often include an interview to get to know the girl before
she performs sex acts she may be comfortable with.

Blowjobs and fucking are standard.
Anal sex usually comes with a bonus.

Do You Want to Be A Porn Star?

How to Break Into The Adult Industry

Attractive porn actors and actresses are in high demand.
More than 13% of all internet queries have an erotic intent.

Just visit any of the popular porn websites and you’ll notice
the ridiculous amount of porn studios advertising there.

The studios produce high quality porn and are in need of
new faces (and bodies) to keep up with viewer’s demands.

Fucking Audition

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