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White Girls on Weed

Increasingly, young women are taking up the habit.
The feminization of weed can be seen as empowering,
stripping the culture of its once hyper-masculinity.

Beta Stoners

Her tone is slang, yet she’s clearly educated.
She flexes a strong hashtag game, an eye for
minimalist design. She’s a beginner at reading tarot.

She has opinions about hip-hop trends. She can paint
a perfect cat-eye while high as fuck.

She doesn’t fit the mold of the 1990s-era new-wave
pothead hippie, or the one the War on Drugs invented.

She is a newish take-it-as-it-comes.
She’s the beta stoner. Too hip to be hip.

Soaking It Up

She smokes weed frequently, but in a functioning way.
It shows marijuana’s growth in one corner of society,
where young white women held down jobs and personal
relationships, getting high often without
completely going up in smoke.

Tender Girls

Alice is a 28-year-old white visual artist
who lives in Brooklyn, is of this breed.

She’s used marijuana for more than 10 years.
A clean, platinum bob sprouts from the top of her
head, framing her face—not a mass of oily, matted hair.

She says she smokes or uses a vaporizer a few times a week,
usually to prep for painting or to deal with anxiety.

She sleeps under a luxurious feather down
comforter, tucked in an immaculate white slip.

She doesn’t own one piece of tie-dyed clothing.
The woman hustles, too, working a part-time
administrative job in addition to selling her
own work and producing shows to help peddle it.

The feminization of weed can be seen as empowering,
stripping the culture of its once hyper-masculine culture.

These girls don’t run a huge risk carrying
a spliff’s worth of herb or less.

Yet black people are four times more likely than
white people to get arrested for marijuana possession.

So even as weed-smoking becomes a casual, female activity,
the question of who gets to visibly participate in the
culture still often breaks down along racial lines.


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More Sex with Weed

The more people use marijuana, the more sex they have.
These findings also alleviate some of the anxiety
surrounding performance inhibition. Frequent marijuana
use doesn’t seem to impair sexual motivation or performance.
If anything, it’s associated with increased coital frequency.

Libidinous Feelings

Marijuana’s positive correlation with intercourse isn’t
just a tendency among the less-inhibited. The number of
sexual encounters rise steadily with increased use.

If these findings prove correct, certain synthesized
cannabinoids or elements in marijuana, may someday be
used as a medical treatment, to foster libidinous
feelings in those who find that their desire has waned.

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