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Why She Moans During Sex

Moaning with Pleasure

Use moaning as a way of signaling that you are excited and things really are feeling good, not as a way to hide that they aren’t.

Vocalizing helps women get what they want in bed. It isn’t always easy to translate sexual thought into action, so a little strategic moaning can definitely help get the point across.

Women are learning to take responsibility for their own sexual needs and wants in the bedroom. We need to take this one step further and give ourselves permission to become teachers.

Use vocalization to teach your partner what feels good. It can help you say, ‘stop, go, yes, more please’ without sounding like a traffic cop.

Perhaps making noise turns some women on and helps them experience pleasure. There are many women who need to be vocal to help themselves achieve orgasm. It helps move them and their orgasm along.

There are certainly phases. As a woman gets into it, she may become extremely vocal, and then move into a period of quiet as she is on the verge.

So do what feels right to you. Any other benefits are just a great bonus. And when it comes to “copulatory vocalization,” perhaps men should take a lesson from the ladies.

Women understand that moaning is a turn-on for guys, and many women ultimately enjoy it because they’ve made an effort to push a little beyond what comes naturally.

Sexual self-esteem is a two-way street, and, for their part during sex, guys should aim for more than a single grunt at the end.

It’s not about faking or doing something you don’t want to, but more about being sexually present and in sync with each other.

So let’s all make some noise.

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Funny, many ( is not most ) men cause pain and much discomfort to women during sex. Sex, this wonderful activity that should be and must be enjoyed, has been corrupted by ignorance. Men want this big penis and are much too rough. When a woman expresses discomfort, many men misunderstand this as pleasure. You poor fools, continue to cause discomfort, so men like me can give them pleasure.

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