All Sexed Up

Her Sexual Pleasure

Can You Help Her Orgasm?

Men seem less at ease with the idea of “learning” to pleasure
a woman, or even to experience pleasure themselves in a new way.

Women have brought about a new understanding of pleasure.
You can see how this change has had a ricochet effect on men.
The need to rethink sexuality in a different way is setting in fast.

While men can satisfy themselves with the body’s “reflex”
action, this is not the case for women. But the quality of
the orgasm is an issue for men as well, even when it is
just a “reflex” ejaculation, and it can still be a no-show.

When you consider the fact that sexual pleasure is
a major element in your well-being, you realise the
subject deserves some real attention. Learn to
experiment with pleasure and treat it as an art form.

Please Please Me
[Sexual Pleasure]

How do you respond if your boyfriend says, ‘I want to fuck you’?

1. Personally I reach up under my skirt or dress and pull
my panties off, lie down on the closest thing (even if
it’s the floor) spread my legs, pull my labia apart
with my fingers and say “fuck me baby”.

Sex is good for our mental and physical health,
lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

Healthy young couples [any gender combination]
burn about 85 calories during a moderately
vigorous session, or 3.6 calories a minute.

It’s unlikely to be enough. Unless you’re having 150 minutes
of orgasms a week, try cycling, brisk walking or dancing.

Historically, sex was for procreation and only secondarily
for pleasure. But times have changed and sexual pleasure,
experienced in many different ways, is top of the agenda.

Sexual pleasure produces the following health benefits:
pain management, stress relief, boost in immunity, better
heart health, increased self-esteem and intimacy, enhanced
sleep, improvement in mood, increased life expectancy,
enhanced reproductive health, and less risk of breast cancer.

Sexual pleasure is what stimulates, or satisfies, your sexual
desires. This may include your sexual fantasies and/or urges
and emotions. There’s nothing quite like raging desire.

sexual pleasure

Keep On Lusting

Lust is an altered state of consciousness programmed
by the primal urge to procreate. You fuck to reproduce.

The brain in this phase is much like a brain on drugs.
MRI scans illustrate that the same area lights up when
an addict gets a fix of cocaine as when a person is
experiencing the intense lust of physical attraction.

Also in the early stage of a relationship, when the
sex hormones are raging, lust is fueled by idealization
and projection, you see what you hope someone will be
rather than the real person, flaws and all.

subtle lust

Hot Lesbian

Blue Is the Warmest Color features long,
graphic sex scenes that are crucial in establishing
the all-consuming physical passion that is the foundation
of the bond between Adèle and Emma.

What U.S. distributors will do with all the full-frontal
flesh, saliva, spanking, and panting is anybody’s guess.

When the camera rises over the pair of them, locked and
prostrated by the eager geometry of soixante-neuf
and floating on a bedsheet of oceanic blue, it’s a relief
to see them as pure bodies, blissed out at full length,

no longer just as heads trapped in closeup and besieged
with worries, words, and all the other short-term
fripperies that keep us from the epic of love.

lesbian sixty-niners

Anal Exploration

A rim job is slang for analingus.
That means oral stimulation of the anus.

Many people of all sexual orientations and
genders enjoy analingus. Naughty but nice.

The anus and perineum both have a lot of
highly-sensitive nerve endings and touch
stimulation can be sexually pleasurable.

‘Rimming’ involves a variety of techniques to
stimulate the anus including kissing, licking,
and sliding the tongue up and down the insides
of the cheeks and crack and in and out of the anus.

I Think She’s Coming


girl masturbating

There’s Nothing
Like a Wank to
Relieve Tension

The longer you go without sexual stimulation, feeling sexual and aroused the harder it will be to go for it when it comes along in the form of a suitable boy, or indeed girl.

You can keep the systems well oiled and ready to transport you to bliss when sex and that hunky partner comes along. It’s the Big M, masturbation!


Sex can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. One study looked at women’s heart rates and cortisol levels as a measure of stress response. It found women showed less stress after an orgasm.

Sex boosts self-esteem, researchers found that a self-esteem boost was one of over 220 reasons people have sex.

Sex improves intimacy – orgasm and having sex increases levels of oxytocin, the so-called love hormone. It helps us bond and build trust. Learning to climax through masturbation gives a woman confidence and personal satisfaction.

Experts agree that when a girl can reach orgasm through her own efforts, she’s a step ahead when she’s with a partner. She is able to show a man how to please her, so she is more likely to climax with a loving partner during love play or intercourse.

Sex reduces pain,as the hormone oxytocin surges, endorphins increase and pain decreases, sex helps you sleep better, sex fights aging, and so the positves continue.

Masturbation can and will lift your spirits, not only can self pleasure help you get in the mood, but it can help you improve your mood.

So start taking advantage of this healthy behavior, get yourself some sex toys, they’re no longer under the counter products. You’ll be surprised at what pleasure they can bring.

They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Try a dildo [just like a cock] or a slim vibrator that will stimulate your clitoris. There’s something for everyone. Go for it, girls!

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