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Women Are Sexually Fluid

Female sexuality appears to be much more fluid
than the male’s. It has three main characteristics:

– Non-exclusivity in attraction: can
find either gender sexually attractive.

– Changes in attraction: can suddenly
find a boy sexually attractive after
being in a relationship with a girl.

– Attraction to the person, not the gender.

A friend of mine has enjoyed sex with both men
and women. She can’t quite pin down her orientation.

She doesn’t feel fully lesbian and she
doesn’t feel fully straight. But bisexual
somehow doesn’t strike her as the right fit either.

Hers is more an attraction she can categorize
on a person-to-person basis and it has evolved
over the years, but when pressed to define it
herself, no single word surfaces.

Some women are able to move between relationships with both
genders without blinking an eye. labels matter little.

Making space for fluidity as a legitimate part of sexual
orientation seems to help women, but it couldn’t hurt men.

They have some fluidity too, just not as much.
It’s different for girls, this sexual orientation
thing. They’re able to go with the flow.

Think of sexual orientation as being on a spectrum,
with attraction to women-identifying people on the
left side, and male-identifying people on the right.

Your attraction profile exists within a bracket
on that spectrum, and that bracket can slide.

At age 22, for example, your attraction bracket
might sit closer to the left, but by 30, you might
find it’s shifted a few degrees to the right.

Threesome by the Pool

A Bigger Splash

Local Sex Player goes for
the Squirting World Record

As one of the great mysteries of the
female body, female ejaculation is
still shrouded in unanswered questions.

Jane didn’t wake up one day spouting like a Fountain.

“I squirted involuntarily before I learned
to harness the skill. Much like an athlete,
it’s a talent I perfect with practice.

I use my athleticism to my advantage.
A decade of squats transformed my
pelvic floor muscles into jaws of steel”

I find the act of gushing pleasurable, sexy and empowering”

New-Wave Porn

toes and clitoris

Porn & Feminism
Make Strange Bedfellows

Mention pornography to feminists of previous generations, and they’ll likely shudder. Porn at its worst is demeaning and sometimes even violent, which is in opposition to a movement that makes empowerment its goal.

But a new generation of feminists has transformed these anti-porn sentiments. Having grown up in an increasingly sex-positive culture, third-wave feminists began re-examining porn in an effort to reform the industry. Thus, a feminist porn movement was born.

The legacy of commercial straight porn is one of racism, heterosexism and phallocentrism—none of which carries a positive, enriching sexual charge for female viewers.

Men have controlled porn culture forever because they’ve owned the means of production, as Karl Marx would say.

Feminist porn tries to get more women involved in the production process. This in itself is empowering. By upsetting the gender divide within the industry, feminist porn can create better conditions for sex industry workers, and depict women as enjoying sex.

Until recently, the only porn available to a young person depicts a narrow range of body types, such as only slim women with big breasts and no stretch marks, pimples, or cellulite…constant exposure to such a narrow range of porn could produce a sexual appetite only for few body types.

Feminist porn rebels against this narrow range. We need new kinds of porn that will allow everyone to have a healthy experience instead of restricting fantasies to a few stereotypes.

Traditional, male-dominated porn…shows a categorization of women into two groups: virgins or whores. In both cases it says that the role of women in society is sexual and tied to men.

It denies women’s pleasure in sex and shows an artificial vision of sex based only on old stereotyped and sexist fantasies.

Many men don’t feel they can identify to this porn either, since it has nothing to do with the women they know, the situations they’re in every day.

What’s been missing in male-dominated porn is the evidence of arousal of women, and they’re not particularly aroused often.

So much of the female response is not real. We should show more stuff like an engorged vulva, an engorged clitoris, a flush on the chest.

When women are really turned on they’re more likely to turn men on. Tthe failure of traditional male-dominated porn to give a lot of attention to female pleasure undermines its effectiveness.

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