Giving Head

Women Love Giving Head

Giving Head, Making Fun

Do girls actually enjoy giving head, or
is it just the cost of doing business?


Like Sucking a Popsicle

While it’s true that young females will do almost anything
in pursuit of a good time, performing oral sex is not the
act of martyrdom some would have you believe. You see,
most women have an innate attraction to the penis,
or at least think it’s neat.

Hence, the creation of sex toys. A 1993 survey concluded that
55% of women found oral sex very normal, 32% found it all right,
9% found it kinky, 4% found it unusual, and 1% didn’t
realize there was any other kind.

Another study from the ’90s, the Decade of the Blow Job, concluded
that twice as many women who went to college have given or received
oral sex compared with those who didn’t finish high school.
That clears up a lot of confusion about the definition of liberal arts.

According to one sexuality educator, while many women do it
simply out of reciprocity, there are some women who love
to give oral sex, wanting nothing in return.

Do Girls Give Blowjobs
to Avoid Fucking?

Some girls say they like performing but not receiving
oral sex in order to maintain their bodily integrity.

It’s a way to go further without having to involve
your body, it’s a way to please your partner.

It’s a way to show that you like someone, it’s a way to
get someone to like you. It’s a way to feel powerful and
desirable. All those are pretty intellectual reasons.
Boys say they like oral sex because it feels good.

Suck My Sturdy Stallion

John Cleland’s Fanny Hill was the
first pornographic novel written in English.

It’s also porn in which all the sexy bits
are metaphorical. There are no dirty words
or even any anatomically accurate ones.
It’s all euphemism and metaphor.

My favourite is sturdy stallion [more].

She’s Got Dick-
Sucking Lips [DSL]

i cant take my eyes off her luscious lips

Relieve Yourself.
Visit a Brothel

another visit to the bordello.

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

What’s the biggest sexual problem in monogamous
relationships? Routine. Boredom. Same old fuck.

When did sex get to be so boring?
When did it turn into this thing
you’re supposed to ‘work at’?
Is boredom socially necessary?
There’s no doubt that it’s prevalent.