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Women & Multiple Orgasms

Women Can Have a Number
of Orgasms in One Sex Session

Female humans, unlike most other mammals, have
a nearly constant “sexual receptivity.”

This means their sexual interest is not limited
to their ovulation period and that ovulation is
concealed, unlike other female mammals.

Some evolutionary anthropologists would say
this state of extended receptivity is really
just a way for a particular woman to ensure
she can keep a particular man satisfied so
he’ll stick around to help with sustaining
and protecting the family.

Always Ready to Fuck

Her sexual receptivity is a mechanism to limit
his number of current sexual partners.

But couldn’t it also just be sex is fun and
women enjoy it as much, if not more, than men?

Women have the capacity to experience multiple orgasms
within a single session of sexual activity, unlike men,
who require a recovery period after having sex.

Their bodies don’t respond to sexual
stimulation and ejaculation is impossible.

At ejaculation, a man’s body throws a massive,
systemic ‘shut off’ switch, which effectively
puts his sexuality in ‘park,’ leans back the
seat, and turns lulling music on the radio.

The hypothesized reason for this phenomenon is
that it gives a man’s body an opportunity to begin
replenishing the sperm stores spent in ejaculation.

Loosening Up Ready to Fuck

Loosening up Ready to Fuck

Since women don’t ejaculate, no recovery period is needed.
It’s likely the reason why multiple and extended orgasms
are easier for women than for men.

As women age, they tend to move toward their sexual
prime, not away from it, as is the case with men.

All this suggests that women have a sexuality
that outstrips men. If anything, their number
or sexual partners should be equal to or greater
than a man’s, perhaps far greater.

Want to Be Roused?

Three or four times a week she goes in search
of new videos in some of her favorite categories
— Big breast play. Squirting. Lesbian.

She recently watched a video which hit all her
sweet spots: two women who didn’t have “perky,
fake boobs,” but instead looked real.

They were in bed, kissing and fondling
each other. She was roused by the sex play.

Women Need to Be Roused

Arouse is used figuratively or to describe
feelings, while rouse more commonly refers to
physical action and things that inspire action.

Women are mental. No, I don’t mean we’re crazy.
What I mean is we need mental stimulation.

Sure, you can be the hottest guy in the
room but if you don’t know how to socialize
with a woman, you won’t get far.

The male may be roused and ready to go from
the minute a woman gives him a sexy glance.

But many women need plenty of physical
and emotional stimulation to become roused,
lubricated, and primed for an orgasm.

That’s why foreplay is so crucial.

The key is to emphasize the “play” in foreplay.
It’s shouldn’t be rushed or treated like an obligatory task.

In fact, foreplay can begin hours before sex actually occurs,
and every minute of it will prepare her for an orgasm.

# Learn to relate to women

You can do this through texting or
chatting face-to-face, but the point
is, you attempt to make yourself the
guy she thinks about when she gets home.

# Don’t rush things.

Many men have this problem.
When they see the girl is somewhat interested,
they jump on her like she’s prey.

Listen, if she’s a little interested, she’s not
fully on your side, so don’t scare her away.

Talk to her, get to actually know her,
and build a connection.

Remember what I said, women need to be mentally stimulated.
If you jump this step, she notices you only want a fuck.

#3 Flirt with her. Listen, we all go to bars
for a reason: in hopes of getting laid.

Anyone who says it’s just a
girl’s night is full of shit.

If you drone on about your job or how
stressful school is, she doesn’t give a fuck.

That’s not making her wet. You need to flirt
with her, tease her, build the sexual tension.

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