Women on Top

Fuck It: Women on Top

Learning how to ride a guy with confidence and making
it enjoyable for both of you is surprisingly easy.

It can be your secret weapon during sex. Just follow
these simple steps and you will have a ton of fun.

The biggest misconception women have when it comes
to riding on top of a guy during sex is that it
requires a lot of skill to do it properly.

It really doesn’t. In fact, in many ways, it’s exactly
like riding a bike. The first few times you try, it
can be a bit nerve-racking and possibly even awkward.

But each subsequent time you are on top of your man
during sex, you will notice how it gets easier and easier.

Eventually, you won’t even feel nervous or awkward about
it and will be focusing more on enjoying yourself.

she rides his cock

The important point to take home is that to get
to the stage where you can’t wait to jump on top
of your man and start riding him, you have to get
through those awkward and nervous feelings first.

Here are 4 ways to boost your confidence when learning
how to ride a guy. Try using one or more of them at
the same time for maximum effect.


1. Have sex in the dark

Probably the easiest way to boost your confidence
and take the pressure off when riding your man
is to have sex in the dark. This way you don’t
have to worry about having his eyes on you.

2. Drink some booze

Have a drink or two (but not seven!) before sex
with your man. This will help you to relax and
not care so much about what happens. Just make
sure not to overdo it with alcohol though!


3. Remember, he’s nervous too!

The biggest mistake women make when getting sexual with a guy is that their man is going to be just as nervous as they are if not more so. Don’t forget that they want to impress you too! On top of this, he’s going to be worrying about making sure that he stays hard, that he doesn’t come too quickly, that you don’t think his penis is too small and that he is putting in a good ‘performance’.

4. Focus on getting yourself off

Many women forget that guys adore seeing their girlfriend or partner get off. So the next time you are in a girl on top sex position stop thinking about whether or not you are pleasing your man. Instead just focus on what feels best for you.

Ride Him, Girl!

There are 2 main positions you should use on top of your man.

1.The Cowgirl Position

In the cowgirl position, you will be on your knees, straddling your man and facing him. You can stay upright or lean forward and support yourself on your arms. You can then rest most of your bodyweight on your man’s lap.

2. The “Asian Cowgirl” Position

It’s identical to the regular cowgirl position except that when you perform it, you will be on your feet with your knees bent. You can still rest most of your weight on your man’s lap in this position.

Most women find the regular cowgirl position to be the most comfortable and enjoyable. Once you are in the cowgirl position that you find most comfortable, then it’s time to get to work.

There are 3 motions that you can perform when having sex on top.

1. Forwards & Backwards

If you enjoy clitoral stimulation during sex, then you will like this motion. Start by sitting right down into your man’s lap and take him fully into you. Then simply rock forwards and backwards on top of him, rubbing your clitoris of his stomach.

2. Up & Down

Moving upwards and downwards requires a little more effort. You are going to use your legs to ‘bounce’ on your man’s lap allowing his penis to glide in deep and then out again. You’ll find that this position requires a lot more effort than simply moving backwards and forwards.

3. Around & Around

This last movement is similar to the first, Forwards & Backwards. You are going to take your man deep into you. But instead of moving backwards and forwards on him, you are going to be making a circular motion instead.

These three movements are a starting point for riding a guy while on top, but to truly enjoy yourself then you’re going to need to do a bit of experimentation to see what you like and enjoy the most.

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