Women Reclaim the Cunt

What a Cunt!

There are no other empowering words for the female
genitalia besides cunt. It’s strong and erotic.

Feminist scholars have meticulously charted
patriarchy’s development and the ways in which
culture, religion, and brute force have colluded
to wrest power from women for the benefit of men.

Negative reactions to cunt emanate from a learned
fear of ancient yet contemporary, inherent yet lost,
reviled yet redemptive cunt-power.

Cunt doesn’t refer to a baby cat or a treasure chest.
It conveys purposeful sexual power, not submission.

It’s mature. It’s for women who don’t play nice.

Women get called cunts when they reject sexual
advances and assert themselves in the workplace.

Be proud of that tag. “Fuck you limp cock!”

reclaim the cunt

Screaming ‘cunt’ over and over again with my fellow audience
members was a liberating, freeing and communal experience.

Then we participated in a moaning mic check featuring
a sex worker who describes the variety of moaning
women express as they receive pleasure.

For the climax (pun intended), we all joined in sounding out
short bursts of moans, screams, exclamations, and various
guttural sounds. It was wonderfully cathartic.

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