You Can Masturbate to This

Last night I was doing a gig for a dance at a high school
The gig went really well until the end when I was playing
Dance For You by Beyonce and all of a sudden a teacher
comes up to me and ask whether I’m promoting teen pregnancy.

I look up and see teens literally having sex on the dance floor.
The girl had her panties down and they were getting laid.
Is this a new trend? Teens have sex at school dances?

You Can Dance or Masturbate to This

Hot Chick from Dmitry Kartsev on Vimeo.

Madonna’s concerts attracted the same media flurry
as a quintessential scandal might.

The Pope denounced her, the police threatened to arrest
her for pretending to masturbate during a concert.

But if an attention-grabbing event
is deliberately constructed, if it’s
on purpose, can it really be a scandal?

If you look past the controversial religious imagery,
the writhing on the floor, the Sex coffee table book,
there’s that little girl from Fame who’s dying to be noticed.

Eva Simons ft. Konshens – Policeman from Justin Townsend on Vimeo.

Sex Fantasies

In teaching sexuality workshops and directing feminist porn,
I’m always talking to people about their fucking fantasies.

When I think about one of my hottest sexual experiences,
I remember one experience when a beautiful dominant woman
dragged me into her kitchen post-sex and ordered me to do
her dishes while she flogged, caressed and fucked me.

What do I remember from this experience? Well, several of
my sexual fantasies take place in kitchens, bathrooms or
semi-public places. When I construct a new fantasy to try
out it might start at home or exhibitionism outside.

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