Selling Sex

Sex: Demand & Supply

A Californian sex worker activist coined
the gender-neutral term “sex work” in 1978
to describe the myriad ways in which people
exchange sexual services for money.

The term includes street prostitution, phone
sex,stripping and erotic massage. Do we include
meals, jewellery, holidays and marriage?

Men constantly want sex. Women get more
out of masturbation.If men demand sex
women should be paid to supply it.

Escort girls in the UK can be ordered on a mobile phone app.
They’re charging up to £500 an hour for sex.

The app called AdultWork. allows men to order call girls
on request and pay in advance.

Some girls are shown naked before and after sex sessions
and give interviews surrounded by banknotes.

London-based prostitute Cookie Jane insists she enjoys
the work, likes being her own boss and getting well paid.

“You can call yourself whatever you want. An escort,
call girl, sex provider. It’s easy to make a man come.

No pimps ripping me off. All my hobbyists are vetted.
I like getting paid for giving pleasure. The perfect job.”

sex provider3

What kind of requests can an escort expect to be asked?

Oral without a condom

Sex without a condom or “Can I put it in without,
just for a second. I promise i’ll take it out again”

Anal sex

Ejaculating on face, breasts, ass etc

Using breasts to masturbate someone



Solo masturbation / mutual masturbation


Food fetishes

Watching someone masturbate

Foot fetishes (I once had a Podiatrist
with a major foot fetish!)

Role play (This can be anything from adult
babies, rape, incest, horse play and
anything else you can think of under the sun)

Cross dressing or gender play


Smoking fetish

The girlfriend experience

Four (or more) orgasms in a 30 mins sex session

Performing anal sex with a strap on


Lesbian scenes

Caught in the act

Age play

Scat play

It would be impossible to say all of the daily requests
we receive as the human psyche is incredible!

If you can think of something, no matter how bizarre,
I can pretty much guarantee that somewhere, someone
will ask a sex worker to act it out for them.

Do You Want to Reward Me for Sex?

Paying for Sex

John – not his real name – believes the
trade serves a “useful social function”.

The 30-year-old single man, has paid for sex since
he was 22. He has slept with 30 to 40 prostitutes.

“The law would probably only scare away the
kind of customers who have something to lose,”

Having Sex & Getting Paid

John sleeps with prostitutes – or escorts he finds online
– at their homes or hotels, once every two-to-four weeks.
He says he pays around $200 an hour so he can’t do it more often.

“A lot of the time I struggle with women and paying for
sex for me is a way of experiencing the kind of sex that
I probably wouldn’t without paying for it, frankly.

“If criminal penalties came in and there is a police crackdown,
then of course this would change, but it would not change my
opinion that the sex trade serves a useful social function.

“For a lot of customers it isn’t the orgasm they’r are chasing,
it’s the intimacy of being able to lie with someone in a bed
for one or two hours that is absent from their regular life a lot.

“I can’t say what it would be like for an average man.
But if I had never paid for sex I would have had a really lonely life.”

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